First Time in Kara as a Guild (long post sorry)

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First Time in Kara as a Guild (long post sorry)

Postby Ereur » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:16 am

Bunch of RL friends and I rerolled to play together, finally have enough people to think about maybe starting Kara this week. Problem is we're weak in a few area's and trying to figure out the best way to run. We're casual and all RL friends so telling people what class to roll or what spec to play is not something I really want to force on people if I can avoid it. But the following players are willing to make changes depending on needs.

We have 3 healers, all priest, they range in gear from unbuffed +1000 to +1400 healing, the priest in the middle, about +1200 also has a less then optimally geared feral druid(think he's still critable) and the worst geared priest has Spriest gear that is about the same lvl as his healing gear.

As a tank it's me, fairly new to 70 as well, 12.6k hp unbuffed uncritable/uncrushable. I've tanked Kara once before, cleared everything but the 2 dragons, which we didn't have time for, I solo tanked the Attumen and we one shotted Prince, but it was with healers in full Kara/some T5 gear.

Our DPS is in similar gear to the lower geared priest, most of them lvl'd together and most of them just hit 70 this past week. All ranged dps unless I tell the one priest to bring his druid.

We have one spot open to pick up a PuGer but with us realistically not having a shot at anything past the first floor I doubt the quality of a PuGer we could pick up will be spectacular and I don't really wanta hold the raid while we beg XXXX class to come.

Best cause I know would be go gear everyone up a bit and try kara in a few weeks, that's what I'd tell someone if they were asking me this question. But that's not really an option, we're all RL friends from the military and 2 of the guys are deploying next week and they want to see Kara before they go, so this is going to happen regardless of how messy it is.

So that's the situation now to the choices.

1) 3 holy priests me solo tank, extra healing to make up for my gimp arse and our less then spectacular DPS but no OT

2) 2 holy priests undergeared druid as dps/OT, less healing, he's the +1200healing priest but have somewhat of an OT and a bit more DPS.

3) 2 holy priests, 1 Spriest, me solo tank(this is the option I think I'm leaning towards) Less healing, but it's the guy with less then 1k +healing, No OT but a bit more DPS and mana regen for the healers.

So what are your guy's thoughts for this soon to be painful run? This is for wost case, with us PuGing a dps, ideally I'd PuG a pally or a tree for a 3rd healer and ask the worst geared healer to go shadow.

Now on to the second part of this epic length post, Solo tanking. Last/First time I tanked Kara I solo tanked Attumen but that's just cause the MT, who for the rest of the run then turned into the OT, couldn't pull him off me when they split. That being said I had an OT for the trash and Moroes. For Moroes I'll be using BoSac on one of the hunters who should be second on the agro list, so think I've got that down pat. Ushers will be lots of shackle spam so I've got that figured out, in theory at least. But what about the Ghostly Stewards? How does my gimp arse tank 2 of them? Bubble the debuff off and hope that they don't do it again?(this is the make or break part of bringing the druid OT, though he may end up getting gibbled just trying to tank one).

Any other advise would be great so feel free to share, we're all eager to learn and all have at least Kara experience although on different classes/specs.

Well thanks a ton for any advice anyone gives this is really a great community and I really value your insites.

Ereur of Dragonblight and Khaz Modan

TLDR version. Under geared and mostly under prepared group of friends trying to make our first foray into Kara as painless as possible.
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Postby guillex » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:19 am

Bring an OT ... but if you can, run some heroics and get a few pieces of gear too .. Make sure everyone brings consumables/flasks/elixirs.

If you've got decent gear, you could solo tank the place, but not with your healers' +healing being as midrange as they are.
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Postby Nobot » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:24 am

I'd say set your expectations low for your first run in KZ with your pals. Plan on Attumen, Moroes & Maiden. If you do GREAT, go on to Opera. Otherwise, call it.

I'd say bring a spriest and pug a non-priest healer.

Double-tanking stewards? For one, you don't *have* to (they can be skipped if you're careful with Moroes). Otherwise, tell your healers about how the Stewards will stun you and own your face unless they use their BIG heals on you.

Have fun with it! I've spent 8-hour runs in KZ with friends that were more fun than 2-hour runs with elite guildies.
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Postby samoa » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:48 pm

Yeah as for the stewards you can dual tank them just make sure heals is all on you and make sure DPS hit the mark ones in order, and also make sure hunters don't do scatter shot right off the back wait till you get enough agro for the 2nd mark one and AOE them down, Because you will lose agro on the one that your not tanking. As for moroes easy fight with 3 priests = 3 shackles, shackle priest,spriest and pally war can be tanked by you and moroes and yes use BOSC on the 2nd agro on list then it will be cake walk. i use to roll with 3 healers but now i run with two beacuse they are geared enough now to heal party and me and an extra DPS is always a plus. Hope this helps you.
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Postby Ereur » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:23 pm

Thanks for the advice guys, have decided to go with the Spriest if i can get a non priest healer and roll with 3 holy if i can't. Yeah really low expectations I'm confident we can do Attumen and Moroes for sure, probably do maiden and if things go smooth Opera. I know we don't have the healing and or DPS for Curator yet, not with me tanking anyways so will probably call it a night after that.

Plan B) I have a dozen beer in the fridge, going to drink one per wipe and raid is over when i can't see the keyboard or I run out of beer, whichever comes first.
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Postby samoa » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:28 pm

yeah wish you luck. 8)
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Postby UMIO » Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:34 am

Yeah good luck with kara. my guild recently started and has only downed attu, moroes and maiden. the only problem i see is that with maiden since you don't have a pally healer you may get killed during the repitence(sp) unless you plan on popping your healers out if your solo tanking
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Postby Aberdon » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:04 pm

UMIO wrote:Yeah good luck with kara. my guild recently started and has only downed attu, moroes and maiden. the only problem i see is that with maiden since you don't have a pally healer you may get killed during the repitence(sp) unless you plan on popping your healers out if your solo tanking

We do Maiden with no pally healers. We usually have 2 healers for Kara period.

Just have one healer watching the repentence timer on DMB and step in when it's about to go off for the dmg tick to clear it.

Problem solved.
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Postby Snake-Aes » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:51 pm

I don't trust her repentance cooldown and carry her to the healer to wake him up =D

Walking around with the bitch while she silences you every second and hits for a reasonable amount given her position in the raid world, and you have a very amusing fight for tanks.
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Postby Everlight » Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:12 pm

It's simple. Do this;

One MT (you)
One DPS/OT (druid)
Two full healers (holy priests)
One DPS/OH (shadow priest)
Five pure DPS (whatever's left)

Proceed to win. You have a wide mix of tank/heal/dps ratios available on various fights if you do that, and you don't have to restack the raid.

For example, you can go 1/2/7 on trash for max DPS, or 2/2/6 on trash which requires an OT. On Moroes you can go 2/3/5 if your healers aren't strong, or 2/2/6 if they are. On Maiden you can go 1/3/6 (with you healing using BoSac). On Prince you can go 1/2/7 during P1, and 1/3/6 during P2 & 3. Etc.

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