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Postby Kellann » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:57 am

Haven't been able to do this fight for quite some time now, as we've been beating our heads on some Vashjina....and all of a sudden, we're hitting him again.

I've got an hour before raid, so I cackle with maniacal glee as I shard a few pieces of blue healing gear to get the mats to throw more spelldamage on a new piece - grab my flask of power, respec for reckoning just for grins, grind up some basilisk, nab the oil from the mailbox....and then spend 10min teaching myself to weave SoV/SoR on the goons outside the dark portal.

Raid time, find out that our GL(warr/MT) can't get online so I'm on point (yay!).

Find out I've been slacking on paying attention and only really knew the pulls from a "I AE tank those ones" perspective - Doh! Oh well, wing it and it actually went MUCH cleaner than our previous jaunts in there (max 3 deaths on a given pull - no deaths when we "oops" pulled 2 of the circling hawks in Alar's room)

Get to VR and I think we actually cleared his whole room without a single death (very very very unusual for us) and then one-shot him despite not having seen him in over a month.


Got loaded out for the VR fight - steal a spot in the caster group, sporting a truly disgusting amount of spelldamage (fairly sure I crested 1.1k if you add SoC and WoA) - pull him with all the bells on...and proceed to eat what must have been every knockback for the first 3-4 minutes, yet still keep a solid threat lead.

Lost him at 50ish %, never quite got him back...only to notice as we got him down around 20% that RF isn't up anymore.....


I think it's time for me to incorporate tankadin into my UI - neh?
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Postby Jhereg » Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:39 pm

My first time tanking him last night while we were keying some random folks for hyjal. With pitiful SD, no grouping, and a few MD's I made it to 17% w/o losing him. Our MT got em, then lost em at 12% to the first KB and I rode em down to 0, it was damn fun.
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