[H-PvP-US-PST] Protection Paladin looking for Raid guild

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[H-PvP-US-PST] Protection Paladin looking for Raid guild

Postby Borten » Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:01 pm

Hello everyone i am Borten a Protection Paladin of Ner'zhul Server and am looking into finding a new guild perhaps, current one looks like it could be fallint apart :(

My raiding experiences is a complete knowledge of karazhan and Gruuls, i have attempted Magtheridon once, and i know ZA all the way to Hex lord after which i need info for Zul'jin, SSC I have experience withb Lurker and TE I have Void-reaver experience.

Raiding Schedule is very flexible, i can raid any day of the week as for times i would preffer the starting-time of the raid to be 8pm server or lower i am not a late-night early-morning raider.

As for what i am looking for i would love to find a guild that is a deacent bit into ssc/tk and does not rely on kara and gruuls to gear the majority of the people and does not rely on Dkp.

My gear is good but i am not profficient at linking in posts lol so here is the basic rundown: 490 Defense, 15007 Health, 16940 Armor, 22.07% Dodge, 15.60% Parry, 20.24% Block (55.57% Via Holy Shield) And a 5.60% Chance to be missed. Mitigation stats are :38 Spell hit and 342 Spell Damage.
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Postby Printscreen » Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:59 pm

Hey, I am leader of <Defiant> on Hakkar (USPvP). We are looking for a Prot pally to go ahead and start pushing through MH and BT. We may not be 5/5 9/9 but we can 100% guarantee you a raid spot as well as giving you the excitement of guild firsts downings of all the new bosses. You can either shoot me a message in game or apply on our forums.

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