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Postby Eliane » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:09 am

My guild has started doing ZA speedruns (5 bears in 5 attempts so far). We try to optmize the group specifically for this and if anyone slacks, they might not get to come the next time.

We never drink during trash. The only place I always have to pot at is the gauntlet before the lynx. Knowing when to downrank is key.

On a normal run I use about 2-4 mana pots. I also use Flask of Blinding Light, Superior Wizard Oil and Spell Damage food.

Here's how we do the last trash before the bear boss.

I pull one bear and two trolls with AS, one troll is sheeped immideatly after. Feral OT taunts one bear off of me. Once I'm clear of the sheep I lay down consecration and we kill the free troll first. Both me and the OT call out on vent when/if we get the debuff.

It doesnt really matter if my pull goes slightly wrong here as the mage and ot are really fast at doing their things.
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Postby mazater » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:57 am

Sabindeus wrote:
Bubbleoseven wrote:well unless your warrior tank is retarded you pulling should NEVER make a difference unless the mob is untauntable, if he just can't learn that taunt is a viable raid move then just use seal of blood on it to peel it off.

wtf is seal of blood :?: :?:

Belfadin only seal, wich deals additional holy damage equal to 35% of normal weapon damage, but hits you for 10% of the damage done in addition.
(Not a chance on hit thing like SoCommand)

Imo, the best PvE seal for paladins, since somebody will be healing you and you can spam Consectration etc forever :D

Sanctity aura also affects this seal, making it do some nice dps.
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