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Postby Signum » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:48 pm

I was able to cleanse the Frost Nova almost immediately, but by then the elite has already run off in a random direction away from my consecration area. I don't seem to have any tools to use to drag the caster back to the consecration/add management area.

It's a semi-moot point, since I ended up doing the instance with a designated add guy so I didn't have to hold all the adds on me. I would still like some ideas what to do about this situation, in case I need to tank the instance again.
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Postby Jaydin » Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:12 pm

i usually am ready to switch between ret (or devo) aura on melee lords, and shadow or frost on the casters. also i switch up my blessings on myself (i cast 15 minuters on everyone else, but i keep mine as 5 minute for the reduced mana cost) - i do in fact consecrate to keep all the adds with me, and for the melee lords i have sanct up - as soon as that boss goes down, i pop on bow (3 tics of it alone pays for itself, not including natural mana regen) and keep it on if the next "boss" is a caster - otherwise i wait til i engage and pop back on sanct - drink when i can, if u fall behind toss a dragon. rinse, repeat
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