NORMAL BM - how do you do it w/o OOM?

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Postby guillex » Fri Feb 08, 2008 1:57 pm

Rykis wrote:
clango wrote:
Boudi wrote:D) you're just standing there doing /flex (/flex generates 10TPS true story)

??? o.O

Say, wah? If this is true I have no problem with working that into one of my macros. Do you have proof of this?

I followed the same tactic as many others. Down ranking concentration, and judging wisdom on the rift guy immediately. I can't remember if I had BoW on myself or not, but I definitely did on my healer.

If you have someone on adds, you can take a moment or two to drink before tanking again. A few adds will slip buy, but a good dps class can take em down w/ little to no problems. This really helps buy some time.

I love this instance. It reminds me of old school games like Joust.

l2sarcasm/joke... srsly.
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