Heroic Arc, tips and tricks?

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Postby Katatonia » Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:25 pm

Arcand wrote:In the past I've clicked off my tree HoTs and never saw the boss's health rise, and assumed that just meant I had been quick enough to keep any significant number of ticks from happening...but it could also be that it's only the initial applications that heal her, not the ticks.

Anyone else looked at this?

It's only initial applications, just like spell reflection on other mobs only reflects initial casts while DoTs that have already been cast continue to tick on.
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Postby Exodius » Sat Jan 12, 2008 6:20 am

Cynnammon wrote:I attempted H-Arc last night with a semi-pug group after being begged to come because the warrior was horrible (only 9k health and couldn't hold aggro).

What in the world is a warrior with that much health doing in Heroic Arc? That sort of health they would struggle in normal Arc I would think, let alone heroic. :?
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Postby Cynnammon » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:51 am

Exodius wrote:What in the world is a warrior with that much health doing in Heroic Arc? That sort of health they would struggle in normal Arc I would think, let alone heroic. :?

I know. I think the run was doomed before I even got in there to replace the warrior. I was hesitant to get in there in the first place because I'm still not confident that my gear was up to the challenge. I guess we did better than the warrior, but if you want a new tank to come in, at least heal them effectively.

Love the dailies for the cash and badges, hate them because undergeared players want to run tough heroics. :cry:
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Postby Evangelina » Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:22 pm

I don't know If I was lucky or it's a bug or a strat ? But for the third boss, I've tanked him at his initial position but my back touching the wall and except his aura there were nothing else...we did not move at all during all the fight. Actually it was not in heroic and I have not tried again. Have to go back back and try ^^
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Postby Memnoch » Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:54 am

As our daily heroic, I ran this today with a raid heal spec'd priest in mediocre blues, a kara+geared rogue, an ench shaman, and a S3+kara mage.

We wiped twice on trash before the first boss, the healer hadn't healed in any heroics besides ramparts, and wasn't prepared for me to be hit as hard as i did...

(by all right's, i'm a bit undergeared, but i've found that knowledge of play/class can compensate for gear to a point)....

after the first two wipes, everything went smooth untill the final boss event.
The healer just didn't have the mana pool efficiency to heal thru the boss fights, we got imp, gnome, naga, drake axe guy. the shaman had to leave, and my GM (Kara+PVP Geared survival hunter) filled his spot. He OT'd (as well as a very skilled hunter can) and we pulled through on the second try with him.

I lost aggro as well a couple times on a few of the mini-bosses, even though omen had me as threatleader by FAR.... still don't get it.. : /

either way, i felt it was 5-7/10 difficulty.
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Postby Athon » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:16 am

I did heroic Arcatraz yesterday with guildies. We were well geared and the group composition was good (me, shadow priest, resto shaman, warlock, mage). I read wowwiki about trash abilities beforehand and I was slightly scared, but things went quite smoothly. No full wipes, although we had couple of deaths (I died while tanking the first boss). I didn't complete trial of Naaru though, because Milhouse died. :(
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Postby Viycktor » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:22 pm

I ran it with a geared shaman healer and some not so geared dps.

The first boss wasn't really an issue with shadow aura on and good healing (I brough some good shadow resist greens I had just in case).

Most of the trash wasn't bad. Had the hunter pull the void things that gain resistances with arcane shot so that he wasn't resistant to my threat initially. (because the mage wasn't paying attention when we asked him to pull with rank 1 frostbolt)

The second 2 bosses were pretty easy for us. The Shiva boss (forgot her name) wasn't bad because of our rogue's poison + kick (plus occasional earth shock from shaman and counterspell from mage).

The infernals before the last boss were a royal pain in the butt. Those and the mini bosses, but those infernals are crazy hard for a trash pull.... even on heroic.

We replace the hunter and rogue with druids (feral and balance) and shaman with a disc priest (PvP spec) for the last boss due to the others leaving (it just took a long time). We got a pretty easy combo, warp chaser thing (just remember to turn around), Fire Salamander dude (decurse and spell steal were what we told the mage to focus on) and the Drakanoid that didn't do the MS. We did end up using a battle rez on the priest for Sykriss, but he was almost down and my LoH was up, so I think we were gonna be set anyway.

Long instance to learn if it's your first time on heroic, the major problem is the length of the corpse run (same for Bot and Shattered Halls, but I've yet to wipe on the last boss in heroic or non) on the last boss. If the layout was a little less linear (like an alternate ramp up to the third level opening up near the beginning for when you wipe at the end) it wouldn't be so bad. Wasn't the worst heroic I've run, but I'd rank it second or third from what I've done so far.

My gear was all crafted gear/blues/heroic epics and my badge reward libram... no Kara gear at the time of that run.
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