Optimal everything for 4 chest run

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Optimal everything for 4 chest run

Postby Jhereg » Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:27 am

So, my guild is pushing hard to get our first 4 chest run, and to our knowledge, one of the few four chest runs Alliance side. Keep in mind, we're only 2 weeks into t6 and 3/9 in BT and 4/5 in MH, so gear is still largely t5/ZA.

Previously, we've been running the prot warr/prot pal duo suite with 2 healer paly/shm. We're looking to switch to a paly MT with fury spec warr in full tank gear for bear and trash. So, a number of questions.

1: anyone used a fury warr for bear/bear trash 2 healer style? Is it doable without overly stressing our healers?

2: I'm looking to switch from my current spec (armory) http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... &n=Alliera
to something with Imp Judgement as I'm having threat issues, particularly vs our ele shaman. This will partially be alleviated by me stacking more SD consumables v tanking consumables, but this puts further stress on our poor healers...it's a rough balancing act. I don't want to lose PoJ, I do want to include spell warding as that raises the 3rd point.

3: Overall benefits of single tanking dragonhawk+hatchlings? Basically, I'd go in with the Phoenix Fire band from champion of the naaru and FR aura, tanking the boss with my back to the hatchlings to prevent stray flamebreaths aimed at group, and sort of backing my way into them to keep em hitting my front. Is this crazy talk? Could we have the fury warr tank the boss with me on bird duty as usual? Things that worry me include
Difficulty having birds in block radius without turning my back to boss
Crushes due to HS falling off quickly
Dying to crazy spike from a poor flamebreath (further case for spell warding/PoJ)
Clearing the 30 odd stacks of buffet with divine shield, I'd have to wait till the next teleport? Or just assume the fury warr can take a possible one hit until clearing shield registers?
To put it in perspective, our DPS was nuts enough on our last attempt using the two tank style that he hit 35% a few seconds after the second hatcher reached his side, which scared the bejesus out of me, but was ultimately much easier overall.

I'm sure there is lots of other stuff I'm missing, but how do you all feel about it? Of course, the other possibility is just using a prot warr in fury gear and ignoring the whole question of dragonhawk, but we're really trying to push the dps...just a balance between breakneck speed with 3 heroisms and randomly dying to me trying to take on more than I can handle.

One last thing, a prot warr in fury gear should NOT attempt to take a sabre lash w/o a shield equipped, that shit was hilarious, but, uh, terrifying.
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Postby Katatonia » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:23 pm

Why all the fury warrior stuff? Just use a feral druid if your primary concern is a OT that isn't dragging you down during the times when tanking isn't needed. A decent feral can easily tank Jan'Alai while you deal with the dragonhawks, as well as handle Nalorakk and Halazzi OT duties.
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Postby Erutaron » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:47 pm

When we push for the 4chest run on my priest, we bring the following,

-=Grp 1=-
S. Priest
CoH Priest
Resto Shaman

-=Grp 2=-
Fury Warrior
Prot Warrior -> MT
Feral Druid -> OT

To really push, a 4 chest, have a Prot Pally take the place of the Prot Warrior as MT and you should be good to go.
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Postby Jhereg » Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:42 pm

We don't have a feral OT, easy nuff eh?
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Postby Barristan » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:09 pm

Jhereg wrote:We don't have a feral OT, easy nuff eh?

Today when we did (and completed) our timed run we went with:

Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest
Destro Warlock
Holy Paladin
Feral Druid - MT
Arms Warrior - OT
Fury Warrior
Enhancement Shaman

It really depends who is on at the time.

Generally have a Disc Priest instead of the Holy Paladin and a second SPriest instead of the Rogue.
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Postby Eeva » Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:17 pm

Enhance Shaman
Fury Warrior
DPS Warrior(with tank gear as OT)

Prot Pally(MT)
Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest

We have done the timed run twice once with 7min left and last night with 4 min left, but we wiped to trash two times. So, it would have been 7-8 min again.
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Postby Splug » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:13 pm

I believe our first successful timed run through ZA involved my prot paladin alt MT'ing the run, and a fury warrior OT'ing for bear/lynx. It was very effective, and despite a wipe we did clear it with time to spare. If you can run with 2 healers and one full-time tank, the room for a 7th dps makes room for a bit of slack, and the fury warrior is capable of providing much more in the way of debuffing than a feral druid. Also, make sure you're waiting to free the prisoners until AFTER the timer is done. They'll sit there and wait for you; no need to waste 5 minutes off the timer watching them dance around and look for their stuff.

However, for Nalorak make sure you have the fury warrior tank the bear phase and the prot paladin tank the troll phase. Troll phases last longer, and having the prot-spec tank on that phase lets you ramp up significantly more damage.

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Postby 2ndNin » Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:56 am

Dunno about the last bit here, the bear in Nalarokk seems to do way more damage (I used to do troll, he had hard time knocking me below 6K, the bear has put me down to < 100 hits 3 times so far), and it doesn't really matter which phase a pally tanks from what I can see, if a warrior / bear to a lesser extent does the troll you generate slightly less threat (though you can tank first troll and bear, then start rotating I think) in the first phase, but your phase 2 threat will pull the other tank up by a large %, so provided your threat is good enough for that half of the fight it shouldn't basically matter what the other tank does for theirs if they have a good lead the dps can eat into without needing to stop dps.

I don't know, but I think I may have been mangled for some of the bear parts (usually pull at about .5s), so maybe thats why I seem to take a lot more damage in that phase. Also it is possible to solo tank this guy, its just a whole lot less fun so doing the first 2 phases could be a way to catapult your threat with a warrior OT.
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Postby Goto » Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:39 am

1) To do it with 2 healers be sure to get a SP also (and get into his group <3 infinite mana)

2) 0/49/12 works for me atleast, doing some ~800 - 1k tps which is enough when you slap ppl with salvation & have smart enough ppl so they look at the threat meter a bit.

3) Not sure if dragonhawk was tauntable as I havent tried, if it is when you could just change the tank to it when ever needed without having agro issues [Pala tanking ---> hatchers inc ---> warrior takes over ---> pala back to tanking after hatchlings are down ---> repeat] (Fury warr mostlikely cant keep up a decent amount of TPS).

Dragging the boss to the hatchlings might be risky, if you get too much of that flamebuffet stacking you can get some really nasty dmg from bosses firebreath & HS might wear off if you dont have them hitting on your back.
It might work but its that bit risky in my opinion.

And you could ofc just try to have everyone near the boss & let hatchlings come to you & get agro with conc. and then continue to aoe the living poo out of them asap, but then again, risky & might fail badly.

Did the chest run with the following:

Prot warrior (MT/OT)
Fury warrior

Shadow priest
Resto druid
Holy priest
Prot pala (MT/OT)

Not really the optimal group but it worked great for us.

I maintanked eagle (My dps gear is lacking compared to the prot warrior)

Tanked troll phase from bear boss, prot warrior took the bear form (This due to having some strange bug with my taunt not working when tanking bear phase last time)

Prot warrior MT'd Dragonhawk, I took the adds

Warrior MT'd Lynx, I took the cat in P2 and just idled trough P1

On Hexlord we killed the beast/dragonkin & humanoid, I tanked those & kept a close eye on the elemental/demon add to taunt it if it got out from banish, also kept the UD feared while it was in shackle to give the priests few extra moments to shackle it if it would break early, warrior tanked Hexlord

On Zul'jin I swinged my trollbane and cried inside... (They didnt trust me to tank it, maybe next time)

As a sidenote, prot warrior dps aint that bad if they got decent gear, devastate spam can deal plenty of dmg & suplies sunder armor.

Anyway, hope ya find a good way to deal with this.

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Postby Nemi » Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:36 am

We are very close to 4 timed chest in ZA. We just started and cleared SSC 3 weeks ago (first vashj sucessful Vashj Attempt was 1 week ago) All in TK cleared but Kael. We failed last time by ~30s due to a couple careless deaths. Anyway... Our group is generally this:

warlock x2
shadow priest x2
holy pally
resto druid
feral druid
prot pally

We've been told that its not possible to do it without being T6 geared. :twisted: I'll be sure to post a pic of one of us with bear mount and 0 T6.

General strats: we have people speak up on loot quickly and forget badges and the chests. Loot chests after timed event is complete (or as complete as you can get it).

1st Boss: Eagle 20 min to kill adds 10 min to timer

I ae tank everything with a star on my head everyone stands in my concecrate, we walk backwards with all the eagles and elite adds in tow. Kill the two elites that are on ramps headed up. Once we are at the Tempest (the guy who makes the adds stop coming) we kill him then adds.

Pally tank boss everyone spreads out. Everyone spreads out and we collapse the raid shortly before lightning storm. The hunter takes care of the birds he calls and everyone pewpews boss.

2nd Boss: Bear adds 20 min to timer

Tanks stack on one another. Pally tank human phase (bear form silences), then is bored during bear phase. Taunt etc when switching forms.

3rd Boss: Dragonhawk adds 5(?) min to timer

Priests MC the flame casters druids root the scouts kill etc move and stay together.

Bear takes the boss, put a skull on one of the hatchers (unless they both go the same direction as half the amount of hawks will spawn) skull'd hatcher dies, hunter drops a trap in the hallway from eggs to boss stand on it and pickup the hawks. I wait for 2 concecrates then AE goes crazy. Rinse repeat for the other side.

4th boss: Lynx

tanks stack again. Bear MT (saber lash is reduced muchly by armor). I've got a /target spirit macro that i spam when he switches to the totem dropping form. pickup the Spirit Lynx, drop a JoR on the totem, bear throws a mangle on the totem if in range.

Very Doable pre T6. We first cleared ZA in KZ/ Gruul loot.
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