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Gear Check/Advice Thread (All Specific Advice Requests Here)

Get help with your character's gear

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Re: Gear Check/Advice Thread (All Specific Advice Requests H

Postby Rascaile » Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:48 pm

Hey there!
Used to be pretty active reader here when my paladin tank was my main, but not-so-much since I rerolled. I did read up that the 4-set is *ridiculously* good for both damage and survival for protection, so when comparing same-ilvl pieces I'd be pretty sure on taking the set pieces.

However, if you check out my armory you'll see my current situation. I have 2-set from shoulders and chest, then Heroic warforged hands, warforged legs and warforged head.

I recently acquired the normal tier leg token, and I'm assuming that if I got the normal head token (and thus 4-set) it will result in a big upgrade, despite the 2 WF->normal downgrades and not particularly amazing stats. Is this correct?

And if so, would it be an upgrade to replace the HC WF hands with tier hands if I got that token first? If so, only for the heroic token or even for the normal one?
Or is that all so much in the ballpark that it doesn't really matter?

Other than that, if you see anything out of the ordinary on my character page please point it out. I haven't run my character through askMrRobot but have switched around some gems (for example the 320exp in my ring instead of 160exp/160haste) to get better reforge results, but I'm not sure if it's optimal so any help is appreciated!

EDIT: oke so I did run it through askmrRobot quickly, I missed some obvious enchants (and bought a wrong leg armor, woops) which I'll fix soon. It's also telling me to forego any strength socket bonus on red sockets for pure haste. These I can all wrap my head around pretty easy and I'll change all that soon. However it is also telling me to go for 480 stamina JC-only gems. Is this correct?

After changing up a bit, the only differences with askMrRobot are these 2:
Using 2xJC-haste + 2x haste/stam gems instead of 2xJC-stam and 2xhaste gems (same socket boni).
I'm going for more dodge and less parry, because the macro I have from theck is telling me that's closer to my optimal ratio. (can trade 1.2k of dodge in favor of parry, other stats remain the same). This macro is still correct?
Code: Select all
/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(format("Ideal pre-dr parry/dodge ratio: 3.597, yours is %.3f%%, if too high reforge more parry to dodge",(GetParryChance()-3.67)/(GetDodgeChance()-5.01)))

Thanks in advance
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Re: Gear Check/Advice Thread (All Specific Advice Requests H

Postby Thels » Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:47 am

The 4 piece bonus is VERY good. You might consider taking HC Warforged pieces over LFR tier pieces, but 4 set at the normal quality beats all.

AskMrRobot is a tool, not a guide! It comes up with some numbers out of the box that aren't too far off track, but might not fit with your current gear, talents and playstyle. If you want accurate results from AMR, Sim your own character first!

Download from
Extract and run.
Go to the import tab, copy your armory link in the URL at the bottom (you do NOT need to log in, so I recommend not to), and click Import at the bottom right.
Go to the options tab, and the globals subtab. Change the TMI Standard Boss to T16H25, the TMI Window to 6, and the TMI Actor-only to Enabled. You can change some other options here as well, such as iterations and threads.
Go to the scaling subtab and change Scale Over to TMI. Be sure to enable all weights that would have any impact.
Click Simulate at the bottom right, then go take a coffee break, as it may take a while.

Eventually, it'll complete, and give you proper weights that fit your character's gear and talents (though maybe not playstyle). Fill those weights into AMR, and then check and see what AMR advises.

If you want to be sure if an item is an upgrade over another item, go to AMR, change your gear and gems around, click SimC at the far right, and copy the entire block of text.
Go back to SimCraft, to the Simulate tab, and paste the text in either an existing or a new tab, then simulate again to compare your new TMI to the old one.

As for Jewelcrafting, it's in a crappy position right now. Secondary stat gems are so good in MoP, not because secondary stats are so amazing, but because you get twice the amount of stats. Jewelcrafting however only gives you once the amount of stats extra, so the jewelcrafting perk is bigger on primary stat gems than secondary stat gems. This forces jewelcrafters to use primary stat gems to get the maximum out of their profession, which makes them fall behind on other professions.

Dodge is usually better than parry for us, even though dodge is on a higher DR, because we get so much parry from strength. However, since both dodge and parry are poor stats for paladins, we usually don't care and reforge out of both of them. If both are present on a piece, reforge whatever there is more of, as it gives you more Haste.
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Re: Gear Check/Advice Thread (All Specific Advice Requests H

Postby Rascaile » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:18 am

Ok so will replace head with any token, hands if they're flex or better. (probably only running normal or heroic anyway on this character)

And I'm already pretty sceptical about askMrRobot - I'm not taking that one for granted! Although since the protection preset is made by Theck, I have more trust in it in this case than for many other classes/specs (priest presets were/are pretty horrible for example).
And yea, I know about that issue with the jc gems, it's quite silly :<
Changing the gems the way AskMrRobot tell me to compared to my current setup would make me lose 640 haste but gain 720 stamina. My amount of health seemed alright for now so i'll stick with the haste, maybe if I get some groups for further heroics I'll lean towards extra stamina, depending on how it goes.

Thanks for the quick runthrough on the tankadin setup for SimC. My simc has been gathering dust lately but I know how it works, the TMI seems interesting to play with so I'll do that and use the stat weights. Another tool that's been pretty useless for my priest :)

Lots of appreciation for the quick help man, I'll let you know if I have any more questions!
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Re: Gear Check/Advice Thread (All Specific Advice Requests H

Postby Fath » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:00 pm

Mr robot has me hemming like this but every pally i see has 320 haste gems everywhere .. is mr robot wrong ?
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