AOE Tanking Attunmen and Romeo and Juliet

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AOE Tanking Attunmen and Romeo and Juliet

Postby Aberdon » Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:00 am

Easier than having an offtank.

This was our fastest run yet.

Keep your rank 2/3 consecrate running on attunmen and be ready to target/exorsim/judge righteousness his butt so he doesn't gib a healer. We actually lost our resto shaman because I finger "fumbled" the keyboard, but we managed to bust through with no issues.

Romeo and Juliet isn't even an issue... We decided to take Juliet to 20% first and Romeo basically stuck to me based on reactive agro.

Our dps warrior is still taking offtank gear for when we start doing ZA, but there's no point in giving up the dps you lose for him to offtank when a paladin can aoe tank the bosses with no damn issue.

More dps equates a faster run obviously, less issues with healing, and it's all around just more effective.

If you're not your raid leader and you're geared to the point you think you can do it, ask your raid leader for a shot. Being our raid leader/GM I have it a little easier..

<fyi, checking my armory will show you my arena gear/spec right now, so check my Sandbox ;) >

Credit goes to Invisusira for the video inspiring me to try this.
Thanks for the confidence builder! ;)
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Postby Boudi » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:00 am

successes thread ftw dude :)

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