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Gruul and HKM pretty easy, now how bout mag...

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Gruul and HKM pretty easy, now how bout mag...

Postby Antharas » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:38 am

Just wondering how much harder mag hits than gruul? ive tanked gruul twice now (first time my gear was pretty shitty compared to now), last time i tanked him i made it to growth 14 with ease (only died cause i was a retard and didnt hit HS comming out of a shatter when he was at 3%... fight ended w/ one resto shaman alive and gruul dead lol). HKM was a joke when i tanked him, ppl say he has big spike damage but i dont see it, maybe i just got lucky parrys and dodges or something but i was full mp the entire time and never below 10k hp w/ only 2 healers on me.

buffed i have 18k+ hp, forget my armor, hits 24k w/ ironshield + 25% armor from healers. up to about 108% avoidance w/ holy shield w/ a block value of 400ish... and my omen has been fucked up but im told on gruul that myself, my offtank, and a mage were over 100k threat above everyone else (and mage hadnt popped invis yet) so i think my threat is fine for who i raid w/ (still using crystal forged sword :-/)

so, do you guys think i could tank Mag?
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Postby Worldie » Mon Jan 21, 2008 3:36 am

Maggy hits about as hard as gruul after 8-9 Growths.

The difference is that Maggy is about spikedamage. You can get a melee and cleave at same time, effectively dealing something like 14-15k damage.

It's basically just a bigger and fatter Maulgar. If you can tank Maulgar you should be able to tank maggy. Your stats seembs fine anyway.
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