Seal of Truth on switching?

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Seal of Truth on switching?

Postby simpetar » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:01 am

Most guides for beginner tankadins suggest that SoI is active most of the time. That made me wonder: is it a viable strategy to use SoT from time to time?

My question is aimed towards encounters that involve tank swap (most of tier 16 anyways), in a situation where there is little to no raid damage and no nasty dot on tank; in other words when SoI procs and bonuses would be wasted. (Such as normal Nazgrim or Thok on jailer phase)

The only argument against SoT dps-wise is the ticking frequency of dot abilities (most notably Consecration) vs. Censure stacks. I was thinking that at least for some little time after tank swap when leftover vengeance is high, Censure could ramp up to add quite nice chunk of dps, but alas I am no math expert to tell the difference.

Am I completely out of my mind or does that make some sense? :D
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Re: Seal of Truth on switching?

Postby Solare » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:43 am

There is very little reason to ever switch to another seal as a prot paladin. If if the healing is not needed (and the subsequent increase to all of your other self-healing, eternal flame, sacred shield, etc) the 2 gcd it takes to switch probably costs much more damage and hp generation than whatever damage you manage to create with SoT and Censure.

Do recall that Seal of Truth does very little damage for Prot paladins.

They made that change early in Mists when raiding was taking off, and it was obvious that vengeance increases to attack and spell power were causing prot paladins to do more damage with their seals then they were liking.

I don't know what level of content you're running, or what your haste is like, but I find I have little to no time in-between my abilities to spend seal twisting, at least not currently.

The 100 level talents as they are currently being planned may bring this, in my opinion, annoying and distracting course of action back. But today, no, it is not worth it to seal twist.
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