[H-EU] Flat Earth Society (world 26 10m) recruiting for WoD

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[H-EU] Flat Earth Society (world 26 10m) recruiting for WoD

Postby Incalcando » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:01 pm

We already were contemplating going 25 man, this was the final push that we needed, since there is no other option for hardcore raiding anymore. Anyway, here's a copy of our wowprogress information page.

Useful links before you read the wall of text:

wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...ting.tier16_10
FES website: http://www.flatearth-guild.org/
Guild master's battle tag: Stergios#1382
Youtube channel featuring most of our HC kills with TS so you can hear the atmosphere: http://www.youtube.com/user/FlatEarthGuild/featured

Small disclaimer
The fact that we have to essentially double our roster will not mean we will compromise the quality of the raiding. We have a long time till the next expansion and we will make sure that we craft the best roster that we possibly can. We will still strive to improve the quality of the raiding as much as humanly possible.

Our History
We started off as two guys spamming trade, looking for 8 other people to start a raiding team, back in early 2011, at the same time patch 4.1 was released. The guild started off as a casual project (and under a different name), initially not managing to down more than 5/13 on T11. Our breakthrough came at the very end of T12, where we realized that in order to kill heroic Ragnaros, we had to up the standards in both quality and quantity of raiding. After a fortuitous event that lead the best players of an at the time disbanding guild to join forces with us, we managed to down Ragnaros and move on to achieve our first respectable world ranking of 103 on 10-man during the Dragon Soul tier, achieving a Spine heroic pre-nerf kill in the process.

Tier 14, although the team started off showing great promise to achieve higher ranks and after actually getting multiple top 100 kills, ended up plagued by huge roster instabilities with about half of our team having to suddenly and without notice stop raiding due to real life reasons, plus a couple of members who left after those problems started occurring. We almost took the decision to disband, however we decided to keep trying, got some new blood in the team and finished the tier at a slightly improved ranking of 79 on 10-man.

After that came ToT and the first tier where we really didn't have any unexpected issues apart from Incalcando and Kafi having to miss a lot of raids during Lei Shen progression. We managed to score multiple kills around the top 20, including a world 21 Animus heroic kill. We finished the tier at our best ranking yet, at position 42 for the 10-man rankings.

SoO went relatively smooth. With the exception of having to only raid 4 hours per raid due to some real life inconveniencies in the last 2 weeks, and missing a full raid when we were really close to killing Garrosh, there were no sudden quits or other such upsets. We managed to improve our final ranking by quite a lot, securing the 26th position for the 10-man rankings.

Our Core Values
We are not playing WoW just to get the best-in-slot gear. We find excitement in working with other people as a team, with organization and efficiency, in striving to be the best. We like to play at the highest level possible, and we will not tolerate bad play by our raiders and, of course, from ourselves as guild leaders, but we will do so while still retaining a friendly and respectful atmosphere for our raiding partners.

Our Aims and Goals
Our aim is very simple: Keep improving our ranking as much as possible, without having to raid 7 days a week while keeping a humane, friendly, but also professional atmosphere.

Raiding Schedule [on progress]
Monday: 18.00 to 23.00
Tuesday: 18.00 to 23.00
Wednesday: 18.00 to 23.00
Thursday: 18.00 to 23.00
Friday: Free Day
Saturday: Free Day
Sunday: 18.00 to 23.00

We expect a certain amount of flexibility in that schedule, as we might start earlier on some days (example: we many times start the raid at 17:00) and might occasionally prolong the raids slightly after 23.00.

Once content is cleared, we're back to our usual 2-3 days schedule.

What we can offer you
(1) Stability in the guild. The leading team has known each other for a long time now and has already been through pretty much the worst situations possible. So suddenly going nuts and disbanding will never happen.
(2) Leadership that will always be engaged in guild matters and at all times will invest all of their talent into solving all guild-related issues.
(3) Able raid-leading. We are experienced and mature, do a lot of research and our first and most important goal is to seek perfection. We are also open to suggestions from our teammates, both in raids and outside them and prefer to keep a more democratic way when discussing ways to approach the boss fights.
(4) Fairness and impartiality in loot. Our loot distribution system is a Loot Council.
(5) A comfortable and friendly raiding atmosphere. Some of the above may sound dangerously like us taking things too serious. We are not. Get to know us and you will soon realize that we very often joke around about all sorts of stuff (much of which is not WoW-related). We will take everything as serious as necessary but as light as possible.
(6) We will always accept that real-life issues are more important than WoW. No one will be punished for occasionally having other obligations that interfere with their participation. It goes without saying that we still require our members to be consequent and join the majority of the raids.
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