[10H] Norushen

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[10H] Norushen

Postby fuzzygeek » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:54 am

Soooo they apparently nerfed the fuck out of this boss. Which is unfortunate, because it's kind of stupid now. Just a straight up gear check at this point, I think. Without significant external sources of debuff there's very little complexity to this fight.

That being said, we jiggled a few things around after a 0.5% enrage wipe on our second pull.

2 tanks
2 healers
6 dps

Prot: Hit/Mast 1H, P/D Hat
Ret: Mast/Crit Wrist, Str/Cleave Trinket, Mast/Haste cloak

On heroic you have plenty of orbs to work with. On the pull we sent down a tank and two dps. This made the beginning of the fight a little more hectic but the additional boss damage made it worthwhile. This won't be necessary if your raid DPS is high enough, or it might be more necessary if you need to 3 heal this fight. We talked about spawning a double batch after 3 minutes (when all CDs came back up) if necessary, but it ended up not needing it.

After the initial rush we would have DPS go in serially, healers took turns, and tanks went whenever we needed to clear debuffs. No one other than tanks should ever need to soak pools.

DPS were advised to kill their large add last, so they would be back up top to help kill it when it spawned topside. Bloodlust once all your DPS is clean.
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Re: [10H] Norushen

Postby Incalcando » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:21 pm

Just have 3 sets of 2 DPS go in, never have them soak, when all 3 groups are done just bloodlust and burn the boss. Tanks do all the soaking so they go in as they please to reduce their corruption. The 2 healers also go whenever they want. That's all we did post nerf.

Pre nerf it was the hardest of the first 6 by far. From week 2 onwards it is the easiest boss in the instance.
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