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10M Normal Thok

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10M Normal Thok

Postby Ergil » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:01 am

I thougt I write up, what I have experienced with this encounter.
First of all, if you have a monk tank, let him solo tank this boss... there is no reason to bother with two tanks and the increased dps will help a lot more. I do not know if any other tank is able to solo tank him, but I suspect a pally or a warri might manage it.
We switched phases after him doing his 3rd or 4th tank breath, depending on how the healers felt.
In p2 melees and the tank kill the add behind the raid while the targeted players run alternating to the sides of the arena (raid is stacked at the entrance) and at about 7 to 8 frenzy I would release the prisoners.
some info on the add, it can be disarmed and its enraged can be dispelled, but neither is really required so just take the vengeance :D
Ideally you time it so that Thok starts going after them if they are on the opposite side of the room, so maybe you want to delay freeing them one fixate.
We freed fire last and were only very shortly in the fire phase and just burned him down in his last frenzy phase, as this felt safer than risking deaths to fire.
BL was used on pull for all dem DPS :D
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Kai » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:47 am

main problem we had were the poison debuffs. healing through that was miserable. dispelled everyone who had 2 stacks, but still, he put them up much faster then 2 single target dispells could ever keep up with.
what our 3 melees loved was the reinventioned of the 360 degree cleave. when he fixates and runs to someone, he kills anyone in his frontal cone. so he'd run to a side, fixate runs out. he recasts it. and when the cast is done, he spins around on the spot to face his new target. while doing that spin, anyone in his frontal cone dies. so melees either have to be very careful and aware of where in the room his next target is and be on the correct side of him or just run out while he's recasting fixate and then run in once he is facing his new target.
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Thels » Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:12 pm

We simply had the melee focus on the add during the fixate phase, and have the ranged deal with the boss. (Admittedly, that was 25 man.)

Also, we found it best to use Devotion Aura just before the fourth screech, so it would cover both the 4th and 5th screech. Using it before the 5th screech often led to us going into Phase 2 while Devotion Aura was still active, basically wasting the cooldown. If you only have 1 paladin, you can only cover the first and third transition.
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Schroom » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:20 am

yep devo aura is amazing. you can also BoP one caster (or a healer) who can Burn for those 10 seconds without regrets.

hunters are very strong on this fight. melees apart from the DPS on the Add are really useless in p2.... somehow the Boss bugs sometimes. making it impossible to get into meleerange of him, even from the side. he will just turn around and eat you... so after the add is dead. melees can go afk... (except if they are targeted and have to kite.)
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Darielle » Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:39 pm

hunters are very strong on this fight. melees apart from the DPS on the Add are really useless in p2.... somehow the Boss bugs sometimes. making it impossible to get into meleerange of him, even from the side. he will just turn around and eat you... so after the add is dead. melees can go afk... (except if they are targeted and have to kite.)

I have never experienced this bug, but melee are absolutely not useless. I had zero trouble maintaining on Thok, and if your worry is Thok moving too fast near the end, yo ucan have melee blitz Thok and the start and then turn to the Jailer later.
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Zaeron » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:13 pm

This is maybe a dumb question, since we killed him, but it seems pike our phase ones were lasting much much longer than this thread makes it sound. Our kill shot had phase ones ending at 27, 15 and 25 screeches, respectively.

Our cool down rotation was:

BoP on druid at 5th screech, tranq.
Devotion aura as tranq ends.
Smoke bomb after devotion aura ends.
Second smoke bomb.
Personal defensive cool downs.

We would do our first (only) tank swap of each phase right as BoP goes out and tranq starts. I would use Holy Avenger, then Guardian of Ancient Kings, then Divine Protection and our other 20% cool down. After those expired we would generally end the phase, since he would be nearly one shotting me at that point.

We did ice phase second since we had no cooldowns available. We swapped at 4 breaths and I got frozen right at 15 screeches. Luckily that also pushed us into chase phase and his knock back knocked me out of the ice.

Anyway - I guess my question is why are people letting phase 2 start so early? Should I be considering changing our strategy for next week?
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Belloc » Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:00 pm

Different healing comps result in different amounts of time spent in phase 1. There's even one guild that was able to kill Thok with 99 stacks, having never transitioned into phase 2.

Generally, the longer you can stay in phase 1, the better. No need to alter your strategy :P
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Winkle » Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:55 am

Indeed. And if you're planning on hitting up HC at some point you'll want to practice getting to 30 stacks.
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Re: 10M Normal Thok

Postby Grommash » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:06 pm

Think most Heroic 10 man kills try to end the transition right around ~25, give or take a couple, at least on the first transition. IIRC getting near 30 stacks is dangerous because his damage triples after 30 stacks. Given the frequency of casts around 25 stacks, the difference between 25 and 30 stacks is something like ~7-8 seconds increased DPS time.

Melee are REALLY good on normal Thok for sure. There is no penalty for going above 30 stacks on normal, so if you really wanted to not ever bother with P2 or the other P1s you could stack melee/hunters and possibly bring a fourth healer (if your three healers aren't strong enough). In heroic however there are diminishing returns to bringing a lot of melee. While they do more damage (on average during the regular phases), they are fairly useless during the kiting phase. They can reliable DPS Thok during the first fixate, but after that range get a good minute or so of uninterrupted DPS where they can essentially blast Thok to pieces.

Devotion aura is amazing as is BoPs. BoPs are a great way to get tranqs or the holy priest hymn off uninterrupted. If you have multiple paladins you can always BoP DPS so they can DPS for BoPs duration.
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