10N Galakras

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10N Galakras

Postby fuzzygeek » Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:52 am

We got this last night, but it took way too many pulls and I still think we're messing up the Orb handling.

The waves are not a big deal, nor or the mini-bosses. On the first tower we send Tank+Healer+5 DPS; the 2 dragons on the ground are not problematic and the NPC DPS was usually enough to either kill them or soften them enough that they died as soon as the tower team came back. The second tower team is just tank/heal/3 DPS.

Once towers are taken, everyone dpses the big group; 2 shooters take off with ~30sec to next spawn. They need to shoot one after the other, so the first shooter stuns, the second shooter knocks off. We had a pull where they kept shooting her simultaneously and nothing would happen.

The orb handling during the burn phase drives me nuts. We had people stacked in a line behind the boss, and they would run down the beach if they were targeted. Melee can be targeted as well, apparently, which is a bitch. We had anyone who was low on stacks try to get into the beam to break it down, and anyone high needed to get off the path. There's an ICD on the reduction or something so we couldn't just clump.

The cycle is -- correct me if I'm wrong -- target gets marked, then the laser comes out, then the orb comes out. So the person who gets marked can run down the beach, the laser comes out and all the soakers can get on it, then the orb comes out and follows the laser. As the target comes running back to the raid, the next orb is already on its way.

The burn phase took us 1:45, but we lost two DPS -- one 30 seconds in, the second a minute in; it should be much faster.

Is there a better way to handle orbs? It just felt really messy and we had three sub-5% wipes due to explosions.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby daishan » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:27 am

We 3 healed it.
We didn't do anything special for orb soaking just had melee max range behind boss and range about another 10 yards back then whoever got the orb would just kite it through everyone.
I'd imagine that this wouldn't work with much lower dps or hps than what we have.

Tower team was Blood DK, MW, Rogue, Mage we found 4 players to be ample for towers. They'd wait until the demolisher was up help kill that then enter the tower this avoiding taking any big damage while in the tower.

The bigger problem we had was it took me an embarrassing 3-4 wipes to realize that our retard King Varian would be in melee of the Bonecrushers most of the time so they wouldn't do the big obvious charge, they'd just turn around and start casting Fracture on him which I was far too slow to stun. Varian would also sometimes charge up to the tower group then a Bonecrusher would follow him so make sure someone in the tower group knows to stun/knockback Bonecrushers if needed
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Belloc » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:31 pm

I don't know if any of you have been having this problem on 10-man, but it took my 25-man a few attempts to notice and correct it: We shoot Galakras down near the end of the wave where we finished the tower. We'd find that people were getting hit for 300k from the proto drakes flying above.

Guides didn't mention this at all (but, fortunately, comments did), but there will still be proto drakes flying above at this point and they are incredibly dangerous. So, make sure you're shooting them down with the cannon on the first tower as soon as you finish that tower.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Magnilda » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:28 am

For the first tower we just sent everybody up. Just left the drakes to battle it out with the NPCs. For the second tower it was myself (Paladin Tank), Disc Priest, and two melee dps.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Kai » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:31 am

we wasted a silly amount of time on this as well. first one of the tanks wanted to go for a speed kill or sometihng, don't ask me, and kept insisting that we rush the towers as soon as they are available and the 2nd group has to deal with both the orc adds and the siege engine while group 1 gets raped in the tower by said siege engine. needless to say, DO NOT DO THAT. just keep everyone down there until the wave of orcs just before the siege engine appears are done, then 1 group goes to the tower and the other kills the siege engine.
we 2 healed it and had two groups of 5. seemed ok but sending six up is probably better.

on the actual boss people need to realize that the fireball actually comes after them AFTER the beam is gone. we had one wipe cause a melee just didn't move at all and took it in the face and another as a range dps didn't realize he had another fireball incoming and stood on the side to reset his stack(s). amazing stuff.

the proper way to do p3 is certainly to have two camps close to him and just soak like that. if RNG likes you, you never have to move and the debuff resets automatically. if RNG doesn't like you, someone has to pay attention and move to the other camp so the debuff resets on his camp (if they were targeted too often in a row).

the lazy way to handle it is just to have one big camp right next to him under his wing and everyone that wants to reset move out towards his tail (as the fireball comes from his nose). people with CDs like bubble/block can just stand in the camp and bubble once they have 3-4. this also makes aoe healing easier (at least for the paladin + druid setup we had) as everyone is nicely clustered up and group heals can work their magic.
2 healing it like this was pretty easy, we both ended with tons of mana.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby lakhesis » Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:49 am

Tower group was tankadin, frost dk, survival hunter, lock & resto druid. They hung around to help kill the downstairs sub-boss and the demolisher, then legged it upstairs when the demo was on its last legs. Bear tank + spriest + arms warrior + holydin + resto shaman stayed downstairs.

Hunter stayed behind to shoot down drakes upstairs, others jumped back down rapidly.

Same group handled both towers, with the same timing (sub-boss -> demo nearly dead -> go up tower).

Left the hunter upstairs on the last tower shooting drakes & the lock took the rope back up to the previous tower. When the DBM timer had 10s left on the next wave, we triggered the boss.

Melee stacked at max range behind the boss. Ranged + healers stacked ~20 yards behind them in a line. Targeted person ran back through the group. People tried to reset at ~3 stacks.

A few healers deliberately stayed out at first so we didn't end up with everyone reaching 3 stacks simultaneously. Tanks swapped at 4-5 stacks because they'd always get a stack from the orb forming on them - current off-tank would stand off to the side at the wing.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Puredarkness » Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:54 pm

im doing this on normal 10man with my guild and im having agro trouble with all the adds.
when adds start spawning i normally hav my consecration down under them and then hammer of light a lil further down the hill where i stand and tank them. I use hammer of righteous - avenger shield - holy wrath as aoe to pick up the adds while i target either bonecrusher or shaman depending on wat group has spawned. normally if i hav gotten all aggro i target shamans for interrupt and focus target bonecrushers to fist their fracture spells. still doing all this plus using HA and AW my guilds aoe damage on the mobs is still pulling occasionally mobs off me which i then hav to waste a taunt on. my guild are always nuking the adds asap even be4 i hav hit them and expect me to easily pull all the aggro back off them with 1 hammer of righteous or holy wrath but im using everything and failing??, im starting to rely on missdirect from hunter to help me keep all mobs.
wat am i doing wrong?
can any1 offer advice?
im so frustrated and annoyed with my poor aggro.

(and yes i do hav righteous fury on -.- )
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Xfighter » Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:56 pm

If your guild is clearing add waves extremely quickly, your vengeance levels will be low when the next set spawns, and if they just go batshit crazy on aoe right when they spawn then there is honestly nothing more that you can do. Explain that to them, and tell them that they can hold off aoe for a couple seconds until your veng has time to kick in. As great as aoe is, ppeople should still be focusing the shaman first with only using passive aoes anyways, then once its dead they can go hard with aoe, and by that point youll be miles ahead on threat on everything.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby daishan » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:00 pm

Puredarkness wrote:my guild are always nuking the adds asap even be4 i hav hit them

There's your problem, tell them to stop been dps whoring scrubs and let you get a couple of hits in first, chain lighting can be particularly troublesome even after getting a few hits on the adds.
Your hunter should be MD'ing whenever he can on any fight with add spawns as it'll help to get them grouped up faster thus higher raid dps.

I find casting Holy Prism on myself helps a lot to get snap aggro on new adds, also make sure you haven't got AS glyphed or the Holy Wrath single target minor glyph.

Lastly don't forget the Bonecrushers will charge a friendly nps every so often and the rogue adds that come with the venom priest will shadowstep behind raid members, so that's not you losing aggro.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Winkle » Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:55 am

I just let the dps die and tell them their idiots.

Alternatively lock portals are nice for a complete threat drop.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby rijn dael » Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:23 pm

Winkle wrote:Alternatively lock portals are nice for a complete threat drop.

Pretty sure 5.4 removed the threat drop mechanic. Well.. positive the patch notes said they did, haven't actually tested it :P.

How are people doing the orbs? Particularly lower geared groups with less than perfect coordination? My alts guild has just reached it, and they clearly don't have the dps to do my mains strat (everyone stacked on a single raid mark, run behind if you get picked by the laser).

They hit ~5-7 stacks, and then people die. I tried having them do it similar to the way I do it on heroic, with multiple stacking groups, and the marked player goes to stand behind whichever group is soaking for now. It seems to survive longer, but the coordination required seems to stress people into making mistakes :(
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Belloc » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:55 am

rijn dael wrote:
Winkle wrote:Alternatively lock portals are nice for a complete threat drop.

How are people doing the orbs? Particularly lower geared groups with less than perfect coordination? My alts guild has just reached it, and they clearly don't have the dps to do my mains strat (everyone stacked on a single raid mark, run behind if you get picked by the laser).

If you have enough DPS to hit the last phase, you have enough DPS to kill it using the single-group strategy. You're not supposed to let people get up to 7 stacks. Pick 4 players and tell them to run out to the side when they hit 2-3 stacks and then back in as soon as the stacks drop. From that point on, any time someone hits 5 stacks, they need to run out, including the 4 people you picked earlier. Now you'll have a rotation of players moving in and out on a regular basis and your overall stacks will be lower. Healers should no longer fall behind on keeping people up.

This is, essentially, an individual version of the two-groups strategy, but now it's about watching your own stacks and not picking which group to run behind. Either way, this fight requires coordination and your group will continue wiping until they get it. Just have to keep practicing (or replacing people :P).
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby rijn dael » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:23 am

So.. we wiped, but the boss didn't reset, and the NPC's killed it for us from 50% hp O.O
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby econ21 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:25 pm

Tried this fight for the first time tonight. I was fine tanking the adds on the ground - the dps cloak was a great help (about 13% of my damage). But I was very bad on the boss when he finally landed. The blood DK had much better survivablity.

Can anyone talk me through what I should be doing? I read on icy veins there is a tank switch; a wowhead comment said on 3 stacks of a debuff and you should stand to the side when not tanking the boss, although I can't find the name of the debuff and icy veins comments queried whether it was distinct from the debuff other raid members get.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Daeva001 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:33 pm

The debuff is called Flames of Galakrond. It's the debuff from the fireballs. Since they start at the boss's mouth and fly to the raid member, and he doesn't turn around to shoot them, the tank on him always ends up soaking the first stack of the fireball. Running to his side stops you from taking that stack, and lets your stacks fall off. It is not distinct from the debuff that the rest of the raid gets.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Calleana » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:30 am

We did use the 1 stack strategy but tried 2 mini groups stacked very close together last night and found that much more survivable (same as the fatboss heroic version).

With the tank swap just make sure your stacks don't accidentally refresh by clipping a ball before you pick up again.

The NPCs seem to add a lot of damage to the fight so make sure the dragon is in their range. Not seen them kill it from 50% before!
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby mclem » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:39 am

Quick point of order, since we're having difficulty with phase 2 of the fight (And phase 1 when people drop offline unexpectedly...):

Does the orb *also* apply a stack of the debuff to the player it explodes on, or only to the nontargeted players it passes over?

We may have a suboptimal group tonight, and I'm musing on whether it's feasible to single-tank this. First tower shouldn't be too bad if, as someone here said, you can leave the NPCs to play with the drakes. Second tower is trickier, I think, but we did notice things improve yesterday when we sent an extra DPS up there such that the boss died very rapidly.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Zaeron » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:32 pm

I can't see one tanking this fight making it easier in any way. It gives you barely any leeway with the towers, though I suppose if your group has enough dps to rip through towers that fast then you might be OK in phase 2 - but the tank swap mechanic in phase 2 is fairly non-optional.

Even if your tank is geared enough to brute force it (which I'd be pretty surprised by), I don't think it would be comfortable/pleasant.

What would make you want to single tank it anyway? If you're killing the tower before the second miniboss spawns you already have way more dps than you need.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Kelerei » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:49 am

Killed this last night. Here's how we did it:

The first demolisher was killed with extreme urgency (Korga the Snake was still up, but we dragged her over to the demolisher as well and let incidental AoE finish her off). Once that was done, one tank (me), one healer (disc priest) and all five of our DPS headed off to capture the tower. The second mini-boss spawned just before we captured it, but the tank and two healers that we left downstairs were easily able to handle it before we got back (I bubbled, jumped off, sprinted, and yanked the second mini-boss off my co-tank as soon as possible). Our ret pally remained on the tower to blast the proto-drakes down.

For the second tower, only our rogue and ret pally (who had finished blasting the drakes by this point) accompanied us up to take it; the second demolisher was killed with the same urgency as the first. Once the tower was nearly dead, our lock headed up for the first tower (again, our ret pally manned the newly-captured tower). There was still a Bonecrusher up at that point, so we focused on it; once it was dead, I gave the command to shoot Galakras down. By the time Galakras had landed, the remaining adds (the second ground proto-drake wave) were either dead or on their last legs.

All adds were tanked in the Flamestrike zone, except when a Demolisher was up: the group of adds was then moved to the Demolisher for incidental AoE while the Demolisher was going down, and then back to the Flamestrike zone afterwards.

We positioned Galakras in the Flamestrike zone and faced it up the hill. The rest of the raid tightly stacked behind the boss in max melee range (the healers stayed out initially so that not everyone had to simultaneously reset stacks). Anyone targeted by the orb would step back behind the group, and anyone needing to drop stacks would step further back (directly behind the orb explosion point) so that the orb would still pass through the raid if it targeted the poor sod dropping stacks. It did get a bit hairy towards the end, but we pulled it off.

My loadout for the fight was:

  • T1: Speed of Light for getting to and from towers quickly.
  • T2: Fist of Justice for Bonecrusher stuns.
  • T3: either Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame will do. On normal anyway, doesn't make too much difference.
  • T4: Although I went Unbreakable Spirit, Hand of Purity is a better choice if the P2 debuff is problematic.
  • T5: Holy Avenger, also by default.
  • T6: Light's Hammer, great for extra AoE on add packs and for extra raid healing in P2.
  • Glyphs: the one interesting choice that I made was Glyph of Blinding Light. Finally found a use for a little-used ability. Just avoid Focused Shield whatever you do.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby bldavis » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:39 am

fairly similar on our kill last week

tower 1 - demo killed and team heads up with the snake being either dead or dam close to the point where i (blood dk) can finish it off
tower 1 is all dps, the other tank, and 2 of our healers, leaving me down with our best geared (and just best) healer
that tower blows up fast enough i only have to deal with dragons by myself, and the group is back down for the next wave

tower 2, miniboss dragged to the demo, both demo and miniboss killed, tower group (minus 1 melee) goes up

again we are typically on dragons when that tower is done, so when all the orcs from the previous wave are down, we send 2 people with spint/dash/some movement speed boost up to shoot down the boss and those on the ground finish off (or at least try to) the dragons

tank galakras in the flamestrike facing uphill, co tank at the side of the boss, and people behind him

i dont know what they do exactly as i have only ever (and probably will only ever) tanked this with my guild

here are some tips for my fellow dks (i know not all of us still/ever played paladins :) )
just for my own help, i have a marker at the uphill edge of the flamestrike and using the death grip range extending glyph, i can dg the archers into the flamestrike, i just have the marker so i know where to stand behind to make sure they get in the flame strike
aoe death grip does not work on them
oh i also normally take asphyxiate to help with stunning the bonecrushers, i can stun one, dg the other and generally it is taken care of in the melee pack

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