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Leveling a lock...

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Leveling a lock...

Postby halabar » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:06 am

So doing a new alt, the gnomelockproject. Doing it as destro right now to see how that works for me, as that's the spec I'd likely raid with due to my playstyle, assuming he gets that far.

But my question...

After playing with him a bit (currently 39), the lock seems like he might be the perfect blend of Spriest and Hunter. Does that make sense?

I don't like my Spriest much for soloing outside of raids, and the changes to hunters and pets have left me just a bit bored with them. So the lock seems like it might bring the better soloing capability of the hunter, with some of the other utility the spriest brought.

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Re: Leveling a lock...

Postby Darielle » Sun May 26, 2013 4:31 pm

If you like using the pet to tank stuff like elites, then yes.

You may find Affliction more interesting for soloing stuff like that though. Soulburn is HILARIOUS when it comes to aoe or chain killing targets.
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Re: Leveling a lock...

Postby Kai » Sun May 26, 2013 4:41 pm

all the range classes are pretty similar these days. hunter specs are very, very similar to warlock specs especially. survival&affliction, demo&BM and destro&marksman. the rotations/key spells are even very similar. if you can play a spriest in raids, you can play a survival hunter or affliction warlock with a couple of minutes of practice.

other then that warlocks are stupidly good at soloing stuff once again. if you grab soul link + soul harvest and have ilvl 500+, the voidwalker tanks warbringers without taking any dmg. pet aggro is also awesome. what you level is really comes down to style, all specs are good. I prefer affliction, putting up Agony and Corruption and pulling as many mobs as possible with that while the dots + pet finish them off is what I mostly did.
If you can group up 4+ mobs, destro actually would be faster again. Although I'm not sure when you get fire&brimstone, I guess quite late.
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Re: Leveling a lock...

Postby Briigh » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:54 pm

Destro and demo are the better specs for solo/leveling/random stuff. Affliction falls behind because the dots require so much gear to be effective. Just make sure you get supremacy when you can. Destro tends to do more damage but demo is good if you need to tank some too
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Re: Leveling a lock...

Postby Kal » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:40 pm

Mine is at 87, and I've leveled as Destro and Demo. I'll switch one spec to Afflic soon just to round out my experience.

I totally see the Hunter/SPriest comparison. Lots of similarities to SPriest in the rotation, and Demons are like Hunter pets, with a smaller but more rounded set of abilities, but no raid buffs.
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