Paladin LFG <H or A> Almost always free to play/raid

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Paladin LFG <H or A> Almost always free to play/raid

Postby SrCaine » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:32 pm

ACT I: The Sob Story

So, I recently got out of Basic Training and Tech School. I left right at the end of DS and missed out on us downing Heroic Spine and Madness. My guild told me before I left that I could have my raid spot back when I returned. I knew they couldn't hold up their promise, so wouldn't you know it? Here I am looking for a raid to join. I love my guild. They're a bunch of great guys, but they unfortunately don't have room for me.

Sob Story Ends; Curtain falls; Curtain rises again to show a young, protection paladin in T12 transmog stepping out to begin his plea.

ACT II: A Cry for Help

I have little to know raid experience this expansion, but would love to expand on that. I'd hate to miss out on this entire expansion. I have raiding experience from all throughout Cata. Before I had my own account, I raided through Wrath as well from my brother's account, so I like think that I have past raiding experience. I've been tanking since I've started playing this game, and I believe that I'm pretty good at it. I'd also gladly dps or heal, but I just prefer tanking. I'll gladly raid either 10 or 25 man. I work from 5:30AM to 2PM every day besides weekends, so I'm have tons of free time to help in progression and guild development in general. I love socializing in game, getting achievements, conquering foes, and I try to have a good time while I'm raiding. Anyway, any form of reply would be great.

Curtain falls

ACT III: The reveal


Curtain Falls; Lights dim; Curtain rises again to show cast and crew

I'm willing to server transfer and faction change.
For contact, my tag is MrCaine#1746 or for RealID.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope you all have a good day.
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