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Re: [10H] Lei Shi

Postby Kai » Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:45 am

mazater wrote:This won't soon be relevant because new raid tier is coming up, but what the hell.

If you have a Ret in the raid, make sure he doesn't drop GOAK during adds or it'll AoE explode after the duration ends and break your CCs.

And in case you're curious about CC breakers (=You want to know which D-bag funked stuff up) after the raid, you can check them via World of Logs if you add "xe/?x=fulltype+in+%28SPELL_AURA_BROKEN%2C+SPELL_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL%29" after the appropriate raid's WoL URL.

Or you can manually navigate to the raid you want and add "fulltype in (SPELL_AURA_BROKEN, SPELL_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL)" to expression editor.

Ngh. Angry.

just install the addon bigbrother. outputs in your chat frame who broke what CC with what ability. helpful for some other stuff as well, like seeing if the dumb hunter MDed the wrong tank again or who isn't food buffed/flasked.
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