[A-US-PvE] <Surprise Cuttlefish> 14/16H Late PST 10-man LFM

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[A-US-PvE] <Surprise Cuttlefish> 14/16H Late PST 10-man LFM

Postby PsiVen » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:16 pm

<Surprise Cuttlefish> is in a position to recruit a few new faces for the new tier, so I would be remiss not to post here. We are a relatively new progression focused 10-man guild on Kilrogg-US, founded in preparation of MoP from the remnants of a 25-man. We are a late-night PST guild focused on downing bosses in a timely and efficient manner while having fun doing so.

Our core comes with experience. For Cata alone a large amount of our members earned Dragonslayer, Blackwing's Bane, Four Winds, Firelord and Savior of Azeroth while the content was current. Our members have experience dating back to pre-nerf Sunwell clears and Vanilla raiding. The experience and leadership is there and we need only a few more people to boost our ranks to comfortable standing. We are currently 14/16H in Tier 14, with Shek'zeer and Tsulong down. Unfortunately during the final push for Sha of Fear, we recently lost 2 people and need to bolster our roster from 10 to a healthier 11-13 total going forward.

Guild Information:
Raid times: Tuesday-Thurs: 9pm PST - 12am PST are main raid days.
Sunday: 9pm PST - 12am PST. This raid day is generally reserved for progression and is the first choice for days off.

Be prepared to provide a screenshot of your UI and any form of damage parse for your spec. Trial process lasts as little as three weeks and will go on as long as we feel necessary, it all depends on you.

High Priority Class Needs:
Death Knight DPS / Tank Offspec
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin

Healers: please be knowledgeable and equally comfortable in your respective offspecs. Not every fight is 3 healer in 10m.

If your class is not listed and you believe you're exceptional, do not be afraid to drop an application.

Loot system:
Main before trial.
Primary offspecs before other offspecs. (People who are asked to heal or DPS in place of their standard roles commonly)
Loot will be fairly distributed, typically by general consensus of the group.

Information you need to know:
-As a 10m with only a few raid days we require high-attendance (90%+ at the extreme minimum). There's a forum for you to let us know if you'll be late/absent.
-As a 10m guild we will have a small roster. However we will run the guild with a roster of 11-13 raiders as running with a flat 10 is not viable with progression as a focus. We do not recruit for the bench. Every raiding member will raid and we will rotate people per boss/nightly.
-You cause drama, you're out. This is your warning. This is a mature guild and our average age is probably much higher than the typical raiding environment; we champion maturity and communication above all else.
-Be semi-knowledgeable of an OS. You aren't required to be as good with your OS as your MS or have gear for it, just be prepared for all possibilities.
-This is not a job. We want you to have fun and enjoy your time with us as a guild both inside and outside of raiding. That said we do expect bosses to be dying before Blizzard has to nerf them into the ground. A large portion of our members come from a raiding history where having fun and progression went hand in hand.
-If you don't know the difference between trolling trade chat for some fun and belittling people, making the guild look like a bunch of elitist punks, you should probably stay out of trade.
-If it burns, pull out. Raiding 101.
-Some of our members PvP and are very open to including you in their PvPing. We also value a skilled PvPer as well, we realize that a skilled PvPer can react just as well in a PvE environment.

Applying to Surprise Cuttlefish:
We have a short application form if you need someplace to start. Feel free to start a thread at http://www.cuttlefishguild.org/ and pitch yourself, but we would like to interview you directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to add Kinetik#1931 / Psiven#1877 or come visit us on server.
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