[A] [US-Stormrage] <Blood Runs Cold> 10m 7/16HM 12-3am EST

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[A] [US-Stormrage] <Blood Runs Cold> 10m 7/16HM 12-3am EST

Postby Volitaire » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:42 am

<Blood Runs Cold> is a late night, progression focused raiding guild looking for skilled players for our core 10 man raid team. We offer a very laid back, very fun, progression-oriented raid atmosphe. We raid to kill Heroic Mode bosses and if your not intersted in that and committed to that then no need to apply :)

-----Raid Schedule-----
Our raid times are currently: (All times EST/Server Time)
Tuesday 12am - 3am
Wednesday 12am - 3am
Thursday 12am - 3am
Sunday 12am - 3 am
We will almost exclusivly end promptly at 3am as we have raiders that will need to get to sleep to go to work the next morning.

-----Loot System-----
We handle loot through a loot council during progression. After progression ends or if the upgrade is determined to be of fairly equal to all involved the loot council will let the players /roll for the opportunity for the gear. This is very open and we have essentially zero loot issues within the guild.

-----We have immediate openings for-----
We are currently searching for exceptional and experienced Healers. Preferably a Shaman, Monk, or Druid. This position will begin trial and raiding with us full time.

Also evaluating experienced Tanks. The desire is for a Warrior or DK tank, though others will be considered. This position also requires the ability to maintain a competitive DPS off-spec, it is understood that this is an off-spec and could be gear limited in some situations.

As always we are always accepting applications for other exceptional members though our current DPS composition is not in need of major overhaul.

-----Cataclysm Raid Progression and Accomplishments:-----
Tier 11: 4/13 Heroic
Tier 12: 6/7 Heroic
Tier 13: 8/8 Heroic
Tier 14: 7/16 Heroic (6/6H MSV, 1/6H HoF, 4/4 Normal TOES)

Want to see/hear what we are like raiding? Current Heroic and Normal Kill videos (with mumble) are available on WowProgress or at http://www.youtube.com/user/Hamstring2568/

-----Raider expectations-----
All raiders are first and foremost expected to know their class/spec/role inside and out. We are not interested in players who are limited to knowing only one spec or even entirely limited to one class. We will not often ask for another class to be brought it but it is not outside the realm of option and we do expect that members can or at least would be willing to bring in a different class for a specific night of raiding. Raid ready alts are not required but if you have one we would be more than happy to accommodate to help keep them geared if at all possible. All applicants should be available for our entire raid schedule. If you cannot make it we have the abilities through our Facebook Group (private for raiders only) and our website to maintain communication and update the raid team of a potential absence.

-----Applying with us-----
If we sound like a guild you would be interested in please check out our guild website and apply via the recruitment link @ http://bloodrunscold.guildlaunch.com or contact an officer in game.

Accepted applicants will go through a trial while running with the raid team for 2-4 weeks to evaluate your fit with the guild and the raid team.

Feel free to contact any of our officers in game Volitaire, Pittb, or Atreus
<Blood Runs Cold> - Stormrage(US) Alliance 10-man 13/13HM
Late Night 12am-3am EST Tues-Thurs, Sunday
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/volitaire
Website: http://bloodrunscold.enjin.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/Hamstring2568
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