[challenge mode] so... who's on it?

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[challenge mode] so... who's on it?

Postby oldboyz » Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:42 am

hi there

at the moment just did some try, 3 bronze medal registred

i really enjoy it, but main probleme is getting more time to play!!

-i keept all my old stuff, just because i may have to have a specific set with sepcific reforge. but i still have no clue how to optimize it

-i saw video from a DK tank, make me feel bad with my pal... when his group take full pack and aoe, my group has to CC and focus dps or we wipe (even with all CD...). i don't know if we have to practice more (and even more, optimize CD)...

-paladin transmo reward is quite... meuuh... not really a motivation to get all medals :roll:
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Re: [challenge mode] so... who's on it?

Postby Darrak » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:22 am

the specific gear isn't rly necessary, i've done 3golds and all silver in normal raiding gear (too lazy to reforge)

It's more about how u play then about the gear you wear, but if u want to minmax i'd get exp and hit cap for lvl 91/92 depending on mobs lvl in that specific dungeon(not sure if all trash is 91, didn't rly pay that much attention), since bosses are mostly not that big an issue for tank but trash is. I'd say that in challenge modes haste takes the cake thanks to dps increase it provides then mastery > parry~dodge(btw is't all just an educated guess)

Prot pallys indeed are not ideal for challenge runs but you really can get a gold with almost any reasonable setup as long as people know how to play (at least a little)

PS: transmo reward sux ass, all i'm interested in are achievements and purple times on wowprogress :D
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