Do Al'ar's adds spawned in Phase 2 damage him when they die?

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Postby Crusherus » Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:46 am

Just got Al'ar down this weekend for our first kill. We saved 2 adds each at 10% hp from the end of phase 1. Blew them both up one after another once Al'ar appeared in phase 2. Al'ar dropped to 94% immediately confirming that each add killed in phase 2 (regardless of if the add spawned in phase 1 or 2) will deal 3% of his total health to Al'ar.
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Postby Korath » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:52 am

Questioner wrote:Tbh, the most repeatable strategy we had was just to kill all the birds as they spawn. When we were holding a bunch of them, someone always seemed to die, whether it was me due to bad explosion timing, someone moving from a flame patch or whatever. We haven't failed on Al'ar in 2 months with this strat.

I set up a macro for phase 2. Run towards (but not too close) to the meteor landing, hit the macro and it autotargets, marks and shield throws the closest bird (grabbing me both). Misdirect if you get a miss.

If a bird dies while you are transitioning from p1 to p2 and Al'ar has not appeared yet, he will not take extra damage. So if you still have 1 from p1, take it to 10% and then save it til he appears, then kill it.

Macro sounds good, care to share? :)

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Postby Oriax » Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:15 am

We've been so unlucky (or something) at Al'ar the last week. Finally got him down thursday evening though.

During p1, I'm tanking the adds. Due to some mishap or streak of bad luck, we happened to get one add with ~6-700hp left when Quill happened. Now, shouldn't be a problem to just stop hitting it, which I do, but with BoSanc and Retri-aura, maybe Consecrate up, he still takes dmg. Maybe a ranged just had something fly off before stopping.

The stupid thing is that when he eventually blows up and I go flying (standing in the corner to the left/right of the entrance to his room so I only fly up in the air abit) I instantly get Flame Quill for massive dmg -> one-shot.

The thing about not standing at the platforms is fully understandable. But a fluke-thingie like that, basicly having the raid run out to reset due to me or other tank dead, is just stupid. I mean, when there's Quill, can you even jump up in the air by yourself or would that get you killed aswell ? Seems like your feet can't leave the floor at all.

This happened to another of our tanks aswell, druid. Add blew up, I saw him not going up more than a few feet in his corner, next thing he was dead from Quill.

We we're there for 2,5h, it happened atleast 3 times to us during that time. I survived once due to a luckily placed bubble. Saw my combat-log that i got hit 2 times from Quill, for a respectable 25-30k+ in total in a few milliseconds

We can't really prevent it from happening to my knowledge. Just hope Flame Quill don't happen when an add with low hp is up. It's not normal to happen, but on occasion it does. An add is almost dead, and maybe I have Consecrate under it and Al'ar goes up in the air. Conse ticks, BoSanc damages the add ... -> BOOM 5-7k dmg -> fly up abit -> 14-15k+ dmg from Quill.

Those times is just an inevitable death or ? Anyone else experienced this same thing before or is it something that happened in a patch somehow, bug perhaps ?
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Postby Smartos » Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:57 am

Well, if an add blows up during the squill, it is an inevitable death if you don't have divine shield ready. Sometimes it is just bad luck, but normally it should be possible to prevent them from blowing up during the squill even if they are at very low health. Turn off aura of retribution, delete blessing of sanctuary, don't use holy shield ... and pray that the damage dealers haven't used dots.
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Postby Pallypete » Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:40 pm

What you should be doing is having a rogue or yourself just stun it when it's almost dead (like 8%ish or so), then you run away from it while the rogue burns it down and cloak of shadows to avoid the blast. He wont' take any damage or get blown through the air that way.
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Postby Kellann » Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:15 pm

I've not tried the "save some adds and seed them all" thingie, but I'm intrigued by it.

Can the adds be snared? That slowing hunter trap in particular would be nifty, as you could have one laid then 'kite' a dying group of birdies through it as they're finished off (thus avoiding chain exploding yourself).

If they can't be....then that still opens the option of pulling a Razorgore stunt with a pack of Seeded birds - - sprint pot and run up to the 2nd level, jump off when they're low enough to die before pathing back...

Unless you can't visit the 2nd level during P2 /shrug. Just seems there could be a fun way to pull that off.

I have noticed, however, that PoJ "spelldodge" will in fact give you the chance of dodging explosions. Not that you can really expect to roll within the small % chance, but it's nice when it happens.
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Postby Madmordigan » Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:20 pm

They do 3% of his health in p2 (even saved from p1, still), but they do not damage him during divebomb.
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Postby Kethion » Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:06 am

If your guild has high enough DPS and good healers you can have a druid or paladin hold all of the phoenixes and the raid can focus fire Al'ar. It's what my guild does.
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Postby sucellus » Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:44 am

We took him down for the first time last night and it was fairly easy.

In phase one, each of the 4 main tanks would get a little aggro on their spawned add, dive off the platform and I'd use (awesome for this encounter) Righteous Defense to grab it, the melee DPS and one hunter then nuke it until it's on 10%, all melee run off, the hunter keeps firing, then at about 7/8% I stun it with HoJ and run away, it dies and nobody gets hurt. I have a paladin healer on me or a retribution paladin helping on the adds, they use their HoJ on every other add as mine hasn't finished CD yet. 2 is all you need.

Towards the end of phase 1 we saved up 3 adds (Could have done more really), then on entering phase 2, I tanked them with my back to the wall and ranged DPS nuked them down 1 at a time, as we'd left them all on about 15% this left just enough time between kills to heal me back up after being exploded.

In phase 2 we had wiped a few times trying to kill the adds in each meteor as there was so much running around, or they'd die after al'ar had flown up causing no damage. Instead, I tanked all the adds at one side. I had 2 druid off-tanks gathering the adds, and then I'd taunt them off them with RD when they were in range. There was also a hunter using MD on adds occasionally. I had no problem at all tanking them all with 1 healer at first, then later, 2 (I gave them a hand healing myself to full a few times using figurine of the colossus, but that wasn't at all necessary I just love using it). I had to move a couple of times to get out of flame patch and to avoid the meteor. Quiet often it would land close enough to me that I could taunt the adds straight to me.

This strategy allowed us to keep all the DPS on al'ar and he went down with 2 minutes to go on enrage. I think the reason we failed using the kill add strategy was a lack of directed range DPS that night, but this strategy worked so smoothly we're likely to use it again.

I didn't have any fire-res gear on at all, although I was using fire-res aura.
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Postby Lowgrus » Mon May 12, 2008 4:31 pm

Something I also want to try is full fire resist gear. My other gear is good enough, and i'm uncrittable in it since its for Illidan is to just tank them all till phase 2, as it would be annoying picking up 2 at a time randomly when a metoeor spawns. then have plenty of aggro and go to a wall and then seed them to death. I mean it could get a little haaling intesnive as like stated abvoe they do physical damage except when blowing up?

It just seems fairly viable since phase 1 is ezier than phase 2. not that either one is really hard.
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