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[10N] Wind Lord Mel'Jarak

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Re: [10N] Wind Lord Mel'Jarak

Postby Winkle » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:15 am

Chronos wrote:Now that it's been a few weeks, have any of your groups switched to only two or one cc targets? My group cc'd one of each with 1t/3h and were all dead as the boss fell over. The bottom three dps are simply low and not going to improve much. Also I see some 150 ret pallies some 20-25k dps ahead of my good dps on world of logs so i was wondering if leaving all three of one class up would help us next week or if its more trouble than its worth. Thanks all!

Are you making the assumption that less targets cc'd will increase your overall dps? I guess there's some sense in that but i personally wouldn't like to deal with 3 menders or even 2 amber shapers.

As the tank just optimize yourself for DPS since you do the most anyway.

If you want even more vengeance don't dispel the haste buff from the menders.
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Re: [10N] Wind Lord Mel'Jarak

Postby Chronos » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:23 pm

Im actually raiding as ret now, but yes i want to see our overall dps go up. Any "tight" enrage can be a wall for my group which has unavoidably low dps. The problem with raiding with friends :p
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