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Postby Garwin » Thu Jun 21, 2007 8:41 am

pally offtanking morose is one of the best ways to do the job as far as I'm conserned

you tank one of the adds (ideally not the one that cleaves) while dropping consecration and holy sheild right next to the main tank so that morose is in the area of effect as well. You take damage from the add while building agro on the boss.

perfect situation for of tanking isn't it ?

when your down to just morose and 1 of his adds CC the add, drink a mana pot and make use of seal of vengence/rightiousness and judgements and exorsism everytime he reappears from vanish to snag him with some initial agro (the vengence ticks help a lot too I find).
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Postby kurros » Thu Jun 21, 2007 8:47 am

You don't need an OT for moroes if you are tanking him with a paladin. Just find a dedicated dpser with the highest threat, and keep blessing of sacrifice on him. Moroes will turn and hit him once, break your gouge, then you get agro back instantly with exorcism. Or, you can BoSac anyone with garrote, or at the start of the fight you can BoSac an offtank tanking an add- anyone who is going to be taking regular damage works.
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