Vengeance changing rotation?

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Vengeance changing rotation?

Postby propal » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:02 pm


I read the latest of Thecks (awesome) blog post about the mop prepatch, where a CS-J-X CS-X-J CS-X-X rotation was proposed.

What i have been thinking about however is the new vengeance, (mentioned by theck in earlier blog post aswell) and how our arsenal of abilitys scale with ap/(sp). since our vengeance will bounce more now then before, especially when you consider that we can "eat a smash" with ardent defender just to get high vengeance attack power.

Has there been any more conclusions or simulations on when and how our rotation might change (from a dps PoV, prob wont change for survival).

I have not succesfully found any of theese scalings, but for examples where it might matter is:
single target: word of glory might rise and shine at extreme ap.
holy wrath vs consecration scaling
hammer of wrath better then crusader strike (very unlikely, but again, depends on the scaling, which i dont know)

for aoe: especially the breakpoint on how many targets needs to be there for aoe rotation to be optimal dps compared to single target dps might change depending on vengeance scaling..

alot of babbling but... main thing i guess is:

have anyone theorized any more about if vengeance will force us into different rotations when maintanking vs offtanking

if there is a post on this somewhere (except mentioned as a maybe in thecks blog a while back) i must have missed it and would be glad to be pointed in that direction.

otherwise, have a fun and joyful day in the (veryveryvery soon) upcomming mop prepatch =)

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Re: Vengeance changing rotation?

Postby theckhd » Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:03 pm

The only definitive thing so far is that Harsh Words will be a DPS increase over SotR, so you might slot that for off-tanking. I should have rotation data posted tomorrow in the MATLAB thread, though it's still in the "preliminary data for bug- and sanity-checking" phase. I think most of it's right, mind you, but more eyes on the data means more bugs squashed.
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