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Postby Raive » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:41 pm

If anyone is still having troubles with the lightning phase you may want to look at the strat they use in this vid:
It's what my guild has been using, and after getting used to it it propels you through lightning phases in about 6 seconds.

The setup is similar to the picture attacthed (sorry only have paint on this computer so its kinda... eh).

Basically you spread out 9 raid members in such a way that you can instantly activate all but the last beacon when the add goes down (have your tank and melee take the 3 closest spots of course) We have 1 healer in mid, 1 west, and 1 east, this gives good enough coverage that they can reach everyone.

The white arrows are there to show how to run in after your beacons have lit up to avoid chaining to your 1 healer that you'll keep in mid (so as they can toss hots and whatnot on the raid or just stand and spam heal)

We typically have a warlock and his pet grab the last beacon, having him set his pet to stay near the last and setting his portal up so once his beacon is lit he can port and finish off the last one. But if you have any issues doing so you may just want to have certain people head over to the last beacon as soon as theirs is lit.

I save my divine guardian for this and pop it as soon as the lightning starts linking from me to my melee, as as soon as it does that (assuming positioning is correct) it will shortly link to everyone, and because positioning is crucial players will not be moving out of lightning pillars you'll want to mitigate as much damage as possible for how short the phase is.

If you decide to use the strat please watch the vid as they have a far better explanation than what I've done here

tl;dr : if you're having trouble with lightning phase normal strat try the one in the linked video
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