Advice for a rusty tank :)

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Advice for a rusty tank :)

Postby Valoel » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:23 am

Hi guys, recently came back to the game after a 2 year break. A lot has changed and I have tried to learn as quick as I can. Got myself into a 10 man raiding guild and we are working on DS10 HC.

Frapsed our 2nd kill on morchok. What I am after is any advice on rotations, if i can improve anything etc. Also regarding my ui, any suggestions to make things more visible. I tend to sometimes lack raid awareness sometimes as I am too caught up trying to keep a perfect rotation.


Good to be back on these forums. Good to see Theck still owning up the place with words of wisdom :). Also gratz on a ring being named after you!!! Saw it in atlas loot :).
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Re: Advice for a rusty tank :)

Postby Pyrena » Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:37 am

Everything looks pretty okay, just a few minor things:

Always be casting!! Losing 3 gcds that could be damage instead is huge when you only have 180 gcds in a 4:30 fight.
You generally don't want to use AS with proc over CS.
You can use your cooldowns more generously. It doesn't really matter because nobody died, but you didn't use Divine Guardian once during the whole fight.
don't let them go to waste.
You can pull the boss right into the orbs after the first stomp. Helps to mitigate some damage.
You can mitigate your partner's stomp damage with Hand of Protection if he is in danger of dieing. But this one is really picky.

regarding your UI: you can hide the whole block of buttons on the right-hand side as you have them on a keybind anyway.
The error messages in the center can also be hided as you don't need them for anything.
You can also get rid of the HotR Button oon the left side, as it shared a cooldown with CS.
I would also scale down omen and recount, your's are huuuge.
personally, I find the minimap at the center quite distracting. Moving stuff around your character is never a good thing.
If you really want to have it clean, you can also turn of your combat text. You can't react to this information, so it's useless clutter on the interface.
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