[10H] Madness of deathwing

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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby Fenrìr » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:04 am

Oh, yea, those are resettable with a quick Divine Shield.
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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby rikreezy » Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:14 pm

awesome thank you.
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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby Auracle » Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:08 pm

Hi everyone,

I do have some boss-relevant info, but first a bit of a ramble, please bear with.

Haven't posted yet this expansion, but I've been reading and learning, and for the first time my guild and raid team have downed the final boss(on heroic) of the expansion while it was current (albeit nerfed). We competed in the top 5 of our server throughout Cata, finishing 4th. It's been a bumpy ride with lots of setbacks, but totally worth it. I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone here for the advice and feedback, its helped a great deal along the way. This is my first stop for infomation on heroic progression.

I regret not having contributed to the feedback this expansion, but hope to remedy that in coming content. For now, here is my impression of the fight based on our heroic kill this weekend.

Please excuse the tone of the post, for simplicity's sake I've lifted it from my post on our guild's forums, so it might come across a bit brusque. Note that this kill was obtained aftr the 15% nerf.

1 Tank - DK
3 Heals - Pally/Shaman/Hpriest
6 DPS - Fire Mage, Arc Mage, Surv Hunter, Feral Druid, Boomkin, Rogue
Due to high and unavoidable rotation on the team, our DPS are slightly behind the curve gear-wise bar one or two long term members.


Updated Overview

Just highlighting some key areas...

Overall time - You want to reach the final platform with at least 4 minutes on the enrage timer. This will greatly reduce pressure on the raid.

DPS priority - The corruption must must MUST die before the 2nd parasite comes out. DPS will need to trial and error with their personal CDs to figure it out, the RL should assign specifics for platform 4 (pots per player, heroism) if needed.

Impales - A soak order needs to be set in stone early then rehearsed until its instinctive. Lots of wipes due to this BS.

Platforms 3/4 - Lots of pain here. High sensitivity, you CANNOT afford to slack, not even one player.
1) Parasite HAS to die below 30%, ideally lower. Parasite explosion 30% or more + crush = potential one-shot.
2) You'll have ticking wing damage, especially on platform 3, which means lots more raid damage overall, healers need to be pushing to top off all the time. Burn mana, use personal CDs.
3) Crush fucking hurts. Every extra player hit puts the healers that much farther behind and increases the likelihood of a death due to not being topped off. Cannot stress enough - spread. out.
4) The first parasite is your highest chance to lose a player. Highest chance of multi-target crushes due to melee being stacked, and the explosion almost always coincides with a crush (conveniently).

I highly recommend using a raid CD that bridges the parasite explosion if you can spare one.

What Causes Wipes

In no particular order...

Crush - On the latter platforms, this will one shot people who are below 75% health. Handle by: Spreading the fuck out.. seriously, also kill the corruption ASAP.

Impale - Stupid, stupid, sensitive mechanic. Set your soak order, make sure the tank and all melee have backed out for safety when it is someone's turn to soak. Tank, your timing needs to be spot on. You will get wipes to people being hit by melee swings, so get quick on taunts and the in-out movement. Also, for extra fun, this will sometimes target a random person nearby and kill them for no apparent reason.

First Parasites - If these dont get below 30% health on the latter platforms, you are looking at: ~25 - 35% damage to all raiders from the explosion, with a crush for ~70% life in 0 - 2 seconds.

Endurance - You need to stay focused and on the ball throughout the first four platforms. Keep calls steady, switch targets quickly, nuke parasites and corruptions as hard as you possibly can at all times. Once folks start slacking/get defeated, its a quick downhill slope. This is a bitch of a fight that asks every member to never make a mistake, four times in a row, just to have a crack at the last phase. One dead player= start over.

Thrall is stupid/blind/handicapped/troll in orc costume - You're going to have some wipes to people getting dropped in the water. Just accept it, hate it, but dont let it get you down.

Surprisingly manageable

The final platform. If you reach it with 4 minutes remaining, you can use the strategies outlined in preceding posts (on maintank) and it will not be all that hard.

1) Keep the tank(s) alive during the terrors. Plan CDs, personal and external, and keep him up. Both pallies and DKs are strong for this, though DKs have a marked edge.

2) Slow then nuke the crap out of the congealing bloods. If you get slows in place (frost trap, DnD, shrooms) before they appear, and combine those with swift instant/AoE slows (cone of cold, blastwave, fan + poison, shadowflame + glyph, etc), they wont be a problem at all. The initial slow is the key, if that goes out before they spawn, they'll stay tightly grouped and spellweave will do all your work for you. Have someone watching then calling the spawn points like a hawk for the first signs of their appearance. Once the telltale spatter pattern appears, you have around 3 seconds until first spawn.


Get good at handling platform 3 and 4 first. Identify areas of weakness, address them via positioning, raid CDs for damage mitigation, and DPS CDs for damage application. Learning this portion of the fight is more important than the final platform I believe. I approached this with the mentality of fearing the final phase and presuming that platforms 3/4 were secondary objectives on the road to the real fight. This was incorrect.

Platform 3/4 should be considered the challenge to the fight, the primary hurdle. Get that down pat, and you'll win.


Thanks again Maintank community, I hope to be a little more interactive on the coming MoP raid encounters.

Happy hunting,

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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby NoGoal » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:42 am

Fenrìr wrote:@Rikreezy

You can do something very similar only you have Pain Sup available to you. I'm also assuming you're rolling G, R, Y, B.

Platform 1: Dream, DP, Stay, WoG shield
Platform 2: GoaK, DP, Stay, WoG Shield
Platform 3: Pain Sup, AD (push this as soon as you can cause you'll need it for platform 4, probably at the 4 second mark before cast starts.), DP, Stay, WoG Shield
Platform 4: GoaK, DP, AD (spam this button as it'll be close), Trinket, WoG shield

I was wondering why I couldn't survive Impale through AD+DP+WoG while I should but it looks like Ardent Defender's 20% damage reduction doesn't work against it.

Expected damage intake:
Dmg * RaidDebuff * Sanctuary * CSDebuff * Inspiration/AF * DP * AD
840 000*.75*.9*.9*.9*.8*.8 = 293 933

Damage taken:
Dmg * RaidDebuff * Sanctuary * CSDebuff * Inspiration/AF * DP
840 000*.75*.9*.9*.9*.8 = 367 416
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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby Fenrìr » Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:22 am

For whatever reason, a 20 and 20 does not stack as expected. It's merely like a 10% reduction so you have to have another CD like an external.
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Re: [10H] Madness of deathwing

Postby Schroom » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:51 am

I in fact use WoG Glyph here, and have about 304k HP fully buffed with alxstraszas buff then
before impale I use HS to help the healers keeping me topped up as close to 100% as possible right before impale. And I make sure I have 3 HoPo.


1: Dream + DP + Stoneform + Stay of Execution trinket + Wings then -> WOG overheal shield (if I get lucky it crits) trolololol impale.
2: GoAK + DP + Stoneform + SoE+ Wings -> WoG
3: Hand of sacrifice from out Holy Paladin + DP + Stoneform + SoE + Wings -> WoG
second impale on this platform I give our warrior tank my HoS
4: GoAK + DP + Stoneform + SoE+ Wings -> WoG

and this after our first evening on madness... 2% to go. so the boss should die this week.
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