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Postby Balanor » Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:20 am

I have always done this with kiting by zooming out completely and then backing up watching behind me for his voidwalkers. Once the room is cleared, pop wings, throw shield from max range and then start looking to see where the voidwalkers are spawning. I will first kite him south and the first bit of kiting usually goes a bit faster. Once you have him about 2/3rds of the way down the hallway the voidwalkers are a ways behind him and DPS can go to town.

After first summon, get off platform and pull with another shield to the north. If he summons again, drag south. We can usually get by here with just 1 or 2 VWs exploding and hes always dead shortly after the third summon if not sooner.

Its a shame I dont have the same ease with Inciter as I do with this guy but meh, now that I have my Adamantine Figurine, I dont have to worry about running this as much :D
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Postby Erutaron » Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:13 pm

I have never understood the kiting method, even with lastluster DPS it is very easy to just tank him on the codex.

I always assign 1 ranged DPS'er (usually a mage/lock) to the VW on the ground, they go down really quick and easy, and we don't have to worry about him.

When he teleports I jump down to the codex, toss a shield at him if the VW are under control, or help take down a couple VW then pick him back up.

He usually dies with 2 teleports, sometimes 1 :-)

Very easy fight, Blackhart on the other hand can be a challenge.
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