[A-US]<Pure> 7/7 25 HM (4d/wk) LF Skilled Tank

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[A-US]<Pure> 7/7 25 HM (4d/wk) LF Skilled Tank

Postby Strawberrie » Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:09 pm

Raid Start - 7:00 - 11:00pm PST
Raid Days - Monday - Thursday (4 days a week)
Faction - Alliance
Server - Antonidas
Cataclysm Goals - US Top 100
Previous US Ranking - Top 30
Previous World Ranking - Top 80
Guild size - 25 man raid - Never recruiting for wait list

Misc info:

7/7 FL
6/6 BWD
5/5 BoT
2/2 Throne

7/7 FL
12/12 Cata
6/6 BWD
4/4 BoT
2/2 Throne

- 12/12 HICC 10/25
- Previous world top 20 kills
- Previous dps record 5 minute Malygos
- Previous dps record 6 minute Malygos
- Previous dps record 3D Sartharion
- Other numerous top dps, tps records in 25 man raid encounters

<Pure> is looking for raiders who love to raid! We want people who know what raiding is, and love it more than anything else in game. We are the ultimate destination for dedicated raiders who want the most out of their time in game. What you get with this guild:

Stable leadership team (Together over 4 years)

Stable raiding core - (Majority of guild core team has been together over 2 years)

No drama loot distribution

Full raid buffs (Expect the best from your raid mates and get it!)

Strict adherence to high performance standards

Quick removal of under-performers

Direct, blunt, honest feedback on performance

4 week trial process

Highly competent raid members

Active guild - steady progression

Bleeding edge progression focus

Raiding environment that works with RL commitments

Active PvPers who run successful guild rated battle grounds

We are looking for players who enjoy raiding. Not just to zone in and kill bosses, but that loves every aspect of progression raiding. The type of player we are looking for is someone who expects the best out of everyone else in the raid, then delivers the same to everyone else in return for their best. We want people who already know that they love the game and all raiding aspects. This is their hobby, and where they want to spend their free time. While all of our raiders have RL commitments in some capacity, they make time to be here 100% and you can expect them to get the job done.

Our recruiting process has been described as brutal. What this means for you is that you'll only be playing with pros. We'd rather kill Ragnaros with 20 people than do it with 25 and have baddies in the group. For those that make it you are among an elite group that has the ability to show up consistently, perform at a high level, have a great time together, and get results that most guilds only dream of.

When you're ready for a premium raiding environment that aims to stay top 100 US in Cataclysm, consider <Pure> before you go somewhere else. It just might be the last guild you ever join.

If interested, don't hesitate to register and apply on our forums, or message Strawberrie or Magzs in game.

Very interested in finding a skilled Protection Paladin.

Site: http://wwwdotpureraidersdotcom/forums

Also check out our podcast which is updated from time to time:
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