<Disbanded Revelation> 10m 6/7H, LF one skilled Tank or DPS

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<Disbanded Revelation> 10m 6/7H, LF one skilled Tank or DPS

Postby Variat » Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:03 pm

Currently, due to our previous GM abandoning the guild and our server in one swift blow, we are looking for a replacement DPS or Paladin tank for an immediate opening into our primary raiding group, which is currently 6/7 heroic and working heavily on Heroic Ragnaros.

The rest of our entire core group have recollected and reformed into <Disbanded Revelation>, a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild.

We are located Alliance-side on Durotan-US, an EST time-zone server. Our current raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-midnight server time, with occasionally raiding on Mondays at the same time when we're close to downing new content.

As it stands right now, we are a tight-knit group of raiders bent on and capable of defeating the most difficult content in the game. At the moment we have got our sights set squarely on Heroic Ragnaros, with 4.3 all ours for the taking once it arrives.

Special consideration for geared & skilled players go to the following classes first:
*Shadow Priest (willing to heal later on if necessary)
*Ele Shaman (willing to heal later on if necessary)
*Ret or Prot Paladin (if Ret, willing to go Holy on occasions is a big plus)
*Demo Lock

We hold raid awareness quick reaction speed to a paramount, as well as being able to understand and handle potentially complicated responsibilities during a raid environment. Critical thinking and taking an innovative approach to a boss fight are staples of our guild's approach to raiding. As it stands right now, as we are swiftly approaching the completion of Heroic content within Firelands, having your primary character being relatively well-geared for heroic content is also a huge plus.

If you consider yourself a terrific player and finally want your shot at defeating cutting-edge content, message myself, Crusifix, or any of our other guildmates in-game and we'll see what we can work out. You can also feel free to respond here in this thread, or catch me on RealID at Dan885under@gmail.com .
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Re: <Disbanded Revelation> 10m 6/7H, LF one skilled Tank or

Postby Rocknord » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:06 pm


Hi my character's name is Rocknord. I have been playing may pally since vanilla wow. And I have been tanking since BC. I have been semi looking for a new home and saw your post. I have also been working on my ret set and rotation. I can do 20k as ret, but I know I can do better. Also I usually am off spec heals to help as required. i certainly feel more comfortable healing then ret, but happy to do what ever helps the most. I also have a affliction lock that I love to play. Am currently on windrunnner server.



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