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Strat Farming

Postby Tandors » Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:21 pm

OK so i just saw that video on a paladin farming strat and I was wondering if there were any major tips to it? (I had no idea where to put this so I just shoved it here :P .)
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Postby nameles01 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:56 am

First off, are you an enchanter?
If not you might just want to go farm something else; most of the income from strat is purely from DE'ing.
If you're not enchanter you might just want to do the scarlet bastion part for some righteous orbs, used to be around 50g each on my server.

Here's the gist of it:
Go in via the normal entrance. (this way you can get barthilias before he runs back).
Get your buffs up; RF, Blessing of Sanctuary and Ret Aura.
Grab 2 to 4 groups of mobs and park yourself somewhere with your back against a wall. Remember you can only block hits from the front.
Get up Holy Shield and spam consecration.
You can judge / keep up wisdom or light, i prefer dragging one of the abominations in and using him for Light.

Consecrate, holy shield, rinse repeat.

When you drop below 60% health pop ur Figurine of the Collosus along with a Holy Shield. This should heal you right up.

If you still die you can bubble + bandage, but its a good indication you should pull fewer mobs =p

Note that once you reach the scarlet bastion with humanoids, the mobs start to run away. This requires a much different tactic. i usually pull a group of 4 far away and nuke down the initiate first. Remember all of these can drop orbs so dont skip them!
The paladin groups downstairs can be a bitch; just outlast them with wisdom. The cannoneer drops 2 blues to make up for it tho =p

I usually do all bosses in the Scarlet side, and barthilias in UD. Sometimes i do the banshee and spider boss as well, but they can have some very nasty caster mobs that life/mana drain guarding them, who can be impossible to kill.

Judge your gear setup by spelldamage and block rating / value.
With 250 block value you'll mitigate most hits completely on a block, so no more than that needed.
The division between spelldamage and block depends on your preferance, the one getting mobs down faster and the other having you last longer.
I myself prefer spelldamage, and i have about 450 spelldamage and 21% block rating when i go in.

If you don't have the Figurine of the Colossus from last boss Shattered Halls then don't even bother. It is absolutely crucial unless you're like full epic.

Wizard oils can be nice too. I also much recommend using the trinket from A'lar, it gets those mobs down wicked quick.
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Re: Strat Farming

Postby Dianora » Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:05 pm

Tandors wrote:OK so i just saw that video on a paladin farming strat and I was wondering if there were any major tips to it? (I had no idea where to put this so I just shoved it here :P .)

My gear was improved quite a bit since the last time I tried... The front door side (Scarlet) I have no problem even with my gears 5 weeks ago. The back door side (Baron) I ran out of mana during the abomination pulls. I simply cannot kill them fast enough before the next one pulls. Of course, I was wearing my full blocking set at the time. Perhaps I should try with my avoidance set.
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Postby Ardaic » Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:29 am

nameles01 wrote:If you don't have the Figurine of the Colossus from last boss Shattered Halls then don't even bother. It is absolutely crucial unless you're like full epic.

I'm going to have to call 'bull' on this one, unless you're talking less-downtime alone - I went to Strat for kicks when I was still rocking 4/5 D3 (which I still have, but replaced most for uncrushability). I even was on track for a Baron 45 run until I got to the slaughterhouse and took way too long killing the abominations and had them keep repopping on me. You just need to make sure that you're confident, and you watch the paths. If you're good, you can clear the room before you start, and then clear the bastion-areas in 9 pulls (one for the boss, one inside, and one getting from point A to point B). Higher damage helps a lot when working over to Baron though - slow=sadpanda.
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Postby Sparti » Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:29 am

nameles01 wrote:If you don't have the Figurine of the Colossus from last boss Shattered Halls then don't even bother. It is absolutely crucial unless you're like full epic.

Also going to have to disagree on this; I've farmed the hell out of strat trash without ever laying my hands on the figurine of the colossus. You can still do 20 minute clears without it, it's just slightly harder and you have to drink more between pulls.

Also, you can get to the spider boss without pulling anything, provided you're smart about how you move through the patrols.

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Postby Averroes » Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:58 am

Just the Slaughterhouses is a bitch they pop way to fast if you can kill them fast enough. I was in blues the last time I was there mabe I should go again and I should remember to bring more water lol
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Postby Hankthetank » Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:53 pm

Hopefully you guys can help me out. I've been trying to do this, and have been very successful in general, but I always run into the same problem in the same spot.

The 3 humanoids at the last ziggurat.

Since they're casters, they still do noticeable damage to me. They also take significantly lower damage because they aren't getting hit by Holy Shield or my Shield Spike that much.

Oh yeah, and there's that lovely little life AND mana drain that they cast.

At great risk of ridicule and shame, I must ask, what's the best way to take down this group of 3? I honestly have no problems with the rest of the dungeon, but this single pull killed me twice the last time I was running Strat.
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Postby Eridanos » Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:37 pm

I hate those groups. I always seem to pull one too. My suggestion is to just judge wisdom on one, keep up seal and just outlast them while spamming your cleanse to keep the drain soul (life/mana) off of you. You'll eventually out last them. It's what I do at least.

I managed to get through the Aboms and Slaughterhouse event the other day without a single reset. Of course, it took everything I had, drinking/eating once, a bunch of pots. Not to mention, I had a close call where I was sitting at sub-1000 HP range and in danger of dying. My technique was a little more crude, I pulled 3-4 of them, AoE'd them down the best I could, switching between Wisdom and Light depending on what I needed. When I was only fighting one and had enough mana I'd toss a large heal on myself and go back to whacking him. Throughout the entire event I just stayed in the doorway and grabbed anything that came. My gear isn't the best either. Work with what you've got I suppose.
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Postby Klepsacovic » Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:50 pm

For the caster pulls I usually LoS pull them back away from the boss, run shadow resist, and make sure that there is no chance at all of not having enough mana to cleanse. That soul drain or whatever is awful, but it can be cleansed.

It helps to use ret gear so you can hit harder, since their melee damage is insignificant.
I don't have a DPS meter so I use an aggro meter. I always win.
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Postby Jarion » Wed Feb 13, 2008 3:06 pm

Whats this 3 to 4 groups? On the first entrance pull I usually grab about 7 or 8 groups plus one of those abomination guys...and anything else which gets in the way.

Just keep running until you start running out of life...bubble and run more...then right when you're about to drop, turn around and use FotC. With that many mobs on it skyrockets you to full HP.
Then target the abom, judge wisdom, put on seal of wisdom, and aoe.

If you managed to get all those mobs without using your bubble, pop wings and watch 'em drop :-)

Then again, doing it that way is only possible when you're talking early BT/Hyjal with ZA gear :-/

Hint: Exorcism is awesome for pulling a group that is slightly out of the way.

Hint 2: Figuring of the Colossus + Petrified Lichen Guard (with felsteel spike) + ZA/Badge block gear = win.
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Postby Aetherial » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:33 pm

I guess it depends on what you're trying to farm. I spent 3 days in there farming the Deathcharger and got ridiculously lucky, but here's what I did:

Level Enchanting to 225. Best thing I ever did for myself, I seriously cleared about 3k gold in 35 runs through this place. I was planning on leveling it anyway for the ring enchants, but you will make mucho dinero off LBS's and GEE's that you get from disenchanting in here.

I specced "shockadin" build to make things go faster, but I wore my tanking gear (which, granted, is Tier 6, so I had about 800-900 spelldamage given the spec and gear).

Because I was just trying to clear to Rivendare as fast as possible, I went in through the Service Gate (back door), dodged the AOE packs at the start, then went to the Baroness's courtyard. There's one pack of 3 Ghouls on the right that I would pull, then dashed up to Anastari and killed her and cleared her ziggurat.

Then I'd backtrack to the start of that courtyard, run along the left side about halfway, dash across (between a crypt fiend and a pack of sorcerers) to the right side, then pull the banshee that roams in front of the 2nd boss, then dash up, kill the 2nd boss (Consecrate will handle his bug adds), then clear the 2nd ziggurat.

Avoid the trash, go into the gauntlet, Consecrate down the beetles, then pull the banshee in front of you and run to the fountain (there's one crypt fiend that might aggro you if you're standing on the fountain so be careful). Then run from the fountain straight to the pack of 3 Ghouls and kill them. Then you avoid stuff and dash to the bottom of the steps of Maleki's ziggurat and kill the 3 casters there (be careful because if you let them run up too far, or you move up too far, you'll have to deal with Maleki at the same time). Then kill Maleki and clear that ziggurat.

Run back down, back to the spot where you killed the ghouls, and run along the right side until you come to another pack of 3 Ghouls. Kill them, then dash across into the abom gauntlet.

The aboms are fairly straightforward, just don't pull them yourself after the first one unless it's been a while, this way you'll avoid having multiple pulls or having a long stretch of them with you being unable to drink. The aboms themselves really aren't that hard to deal with as long as you keep them spaced out so that you can drink when you need to.

When you kill the last abom, try to conserve mana, then dash up the Slaughterhouse steps, grab Ramstein as he's coming out, and pull him down to the Baron's doorway (it'll be closed, don't worry about aggroing him). Kill him there, then run back to the Slaughterhouse door and you'll aggro the Black Guard which have spawned there. Kill them and then the Baron's door will open.

The Baron is fairly easy depending on your gear level. I was able to kill him without having to heal or mana pot, but you may need to, so be prepared. Despite him only being level 62, he can still surprise you if you're not paying attention :) If you have to heal, being Holy specced helps a lot here as you can imagine. You can run Shadow Aura if you want, I ran Sanctity Aura since I had it... and of course if you need to heal just toss up Concentration Aura. The skeletons that he summons will die easily to Rank 4 Consecrate (1 tick) so him healing won't be a problem as long as you pay attention to your mana and leave enough to ensure that you can handle the skeletons when they spawn. I tended to judge Wisdom for this but again, it's going to depend on your gear and spec. (I did fight him the first 3 times as Protection before I decided to spec Holy for the speed value, so it is doable as Prot... just takes longer although your risk of dying is much lower).

I eventually got this route down to around 25 minutes, my best time was 22 minutes from start to Baron down. If you're also trying to farm Argent Dawn rep, doing it in less than 45 minutes will net you extra rep.
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Postby Novara » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:33 pm

As an enchanter I do the baron run all the time. It's not that hard to get it in under 30 minutes as a tankadin. You can avoid most of the trash and just remember to kill the Necromancers first and dispel their drain soul effect.

The slaughterhouse can be your biggest time sink but here is where I feel prot is the best. You can clear it all in two pulls, just grab one side and AoE it down, they don't really hit that hard when their hits do get through. I usually use my PLG with shield spike and about 500 spell damage. They have alot of health compared to the stuff you usually AoE in this place so keep up wisdom and switching targets to whittle them down. If I used my FoTC I may be able to take the whole room, maybe I'll try that tonight. This would shave another couple minutes off the clear time. I used to do this run back in the day when I was holy in my shockadin gear (25% crit and 900ish spell damage) and doing them one by one, drinking half the time, made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Baron can still deal a good amount of damage considering how much health you have to go through. As prot most of his damage comes from his shadow bolt which can hit for close to a 1000. Using shadow resist aura and my black temple necklace nerfs this down to manageable levels. Usually I kill him with about 1000 mana and about 60% health so there's no need to heal or pot. Just keep wisdom up and use rank 1/2 consecrate on the skellies. I just use SoV/JoV and exorcism, sit back and whittle him down.

I still haven't seen the mount even though I've done it probably over a hundred times :(. As an enchanter you might be able to clear 200g/hr. The greys and runecloth make up any repairs and the more greens you get the better since Greater Eternals tend to be worth twice as much as a LBS and it's not uncommon to see a crappy green turn into 3 of those (36g profit on my server for one green last night). Other things that tend to sell well are the BoE belts and bracers as they are low 50s in level. Belt of Valor and Shadowcraft bracers sell every time for about 15g on my server so don't DE those.

When you kill the last abom, try to conserve mana, then dash up the Slaughterhouse steps, grab Ramstein as he's coming out, and pull him down to the Baron's doorway (it'll be closed, don't worry about aggroing him). Kill him there, then run back to the Slaughterhouse door and you'll aggro the Black Guard which have spawned there. Kill them and then the Baron's door will open.

I've never thought of doing this, I would have figured it would break the encounter. Thanks for mentioning it, it'll easily shave a minute or 2 off my time since I'm usually sitting there waiting for the black guards to come out.
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Postby Uthadanin » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:45 am

Is this run advisable to duo *not as much for the drops but to help one our guild alts level and give him some cashflow*.

I was thinking this would be on easy mode with our guilds (used to be maintank) warrior's alt.

lvl 70 pally tank/lvl 63 s-priest. I'm guessing I could just farm this place almost non-stop without drinking.
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Postby inthedrops » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:11 am

I went in there on a lvl 70 prot warlock and a lowbie priest. I forgot which mob it is, but I think it's Ramstein who does a stun of some sort to whoever is highest on agro which means he moves from you and one shot's the lowbie priest. Just be aware of that or similar conditions.
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Postby toddy » Mon May 05, 2008 10:24 am

I never tried doing this, but for what i could read i pretty much need to boost my spelldmg so that i can do this. I'd like to ask of any enchants or Gems u think i should change in order to do this runs, i'm looking for $$$$ so if u think there's other stuff to get more $$$$ i'd apreciate. TYVM :)
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