Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

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Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby mmomeltingpot » Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:15 am

With T11 and T12 now being PUGable, I thought I'd share a useful resource with everyone - short-form note strategies for all the Cata raids, suitable for pasting into raid chat or quickly reviewing yourself. :)

WoWWiki or Tankspot are great, but having to watch a 10 minute video can be a bit tricky when the rest of your raid's about to pull the boss you haven't seen for six months... So we wrote these up - one page per raid, 3-6 lines per boss, just what you need to know if you've got 45 seconds to read up before the PUG hunter gets bored and pulls.

Reddit WoW really liked these, so I thought I'd share them with a few communities I know and like, like Maintankadin. Hope they're useful!

Quick-Read Cata Raid Tactics

If we got anything wrong, I'd really like to know, and I'll make sure to fix it ASAP. And if you find them useful, please do let other people know about them!


Mods - I hope this is OK to post here - I figure it's useful, and I couldn't see a "DON'T DO THIS!" in the forum rules.

If it's not, I do apologise, and please feel free to move/delete/shout at me as appropriate :)
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Re: Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby Kishandra » Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:20 am

Some suggestions.

Shannox -
(normal) It is arguably much simpler to just straight up kill Rageface off the pull, then get Shannox to 35%, then kill Riplimb.
(heroic) There are barely enough crystal prison traps to keep Rageface's buff at manageable stack levels, so you really shouldn't purposefully kite Riplimb into prison traps. Immo traps are fine though. In fact, your healers may opt to soak immo traps to reduce the chance Rageface gets wary from an immo.

Beth'tilac -
(normal) You're missing a pretty important point - taunt Spinners down to reduce their damage and eliminate their stun.
Tanks should swap instantly when the current one gets Widow's kiss.
(heroic) Kiting the drone is unnecessary. While fixated, the drone does much less (75%) damage and doesn't spew, just make sure the drone doesn't get near spiderlings.

Rhyolith -
(normal) Steer the boss on the active volcanoes on the floor. Try to avoid inactive ones.
Lava pools are irrelevant as they do no damage.
(heroic) Nope, still only 5 spawns of fragments. Also, better to just have the entire raid (sans tank) stack up at one point to share cooldowns such as barrier and healing rain. The lasers themself do negligible amounts of damage compared to immolation aura/stomp.

Alysrazor -
(normal) Alysrazor drops lines of fire? o.O
(heroic) Air clouds do not instakill, not even close.

Baleroc -
(normal) Healing the tank doesn't consume the +healing buff, it actually activates it. During the activation though, you can't stack additional +healing buffs until the activation expires.
(heroic) Countdown drastically increases the range at which tormented is spread.

Domo -
More or less correct.

Ragnaros -
(phase 1) Players who can survive a large fall or spell immunity should trigger the traps:
Warriors with intervene/intercept/charge, ferals with charge, rogues with cloak, paladins with divine shield, priests with levitate, hunters with deterrence/disengage, mages with blink/slowfall/iceblock, and warlocks with teleport. Everyone else generally will die to fall damage.
(transition) Pretty sure the attack is Sulfuras Smash and not Hammer Strike. Also, no reason to avoid spawn points, in fact melee should be on them as to attack immediately. You can easily put some damage into lava scions here, it's actually better to do so here than in p3 where there's a soft enrage timer.
(phase 2) Move away from the seeds that spawn, they explode for damage depending on distance you are away - the further you are the less damage you take.
nitpick - "if you're stood on that section" should be "if you're standing on that section"
(heroic) No heroic section? :( Well, phase 1, 2, 3, and transition are all more or less the same. There's a debuff from popping a trap in p1 - increases damage taken from traps by 50% and it stacks, lasts 45 seconds, so either pop a trap every 45 or use cooldowns to pop more than one. Most guilds group up in phase 2 and move as soon as Ragnaros casts molten seeds to stack up the seeds in one spot, then aoe them down while kiting away. Phase 3 is a dps burn - ideally you push him to p4 with 1 meteor up.
(phase 4) Highly mobile player(s) click on the cloudburst to get the deluge debuff which prevents all raid damage and allows them to douse dreadflame fires that spawn randomly around the platform (and grows.) Players should stand in the breadth of frost on the ground to prevent taking superheated stacks, but be sure to stay spread out (no more than groups of 3 in 10m, 9 in 25m) to prevent a geyser which will erase the breadth and deal damage. Tanks either need to kite Rag into green traps on the ground when he casts Empowered Sulfuras, or taunt kite him without taking a single hit while that buff is up or else raid wipes. Players kite the meteor(s) into a breadth of frost when there is another one available, then all turn to burn down the meteor(s).

Bastion of Twilight -

Valiona & Theralion -
(heroic) use rogues to go into the twilight realm. With cloak, they can stay down there indefinitely.

Sinestra -
Kite cutters away from the group
Dispel wrack only after it's been on the target as long as you can sustain it. The longer you take to dispel it, the more damage it does but it makes dispelling/healing later on easier.
Kill whelps all in one location during phase 2, they will then rez, then drag them elsewhere and kill them again.
Non-stun/spellinterrupt interrupts on the dragonkin adds. Gouge/deathgrip work well.
DPS eggs in phase 2 to push Sinestra to p3.

Blackwing Descent -

Maloriak -
(heroic) During dark phase, main tank can only be healed for 3 sec every 10ish. Top him up in that window.

Atramedes - title font typo.
(heroic) 7 gongs in 10m, 5 gongs in 25m.

Nefarian -
(normal) Chromatic prototypes don't need to die anywhere near the same time. Nef enters p3 once the third one is dead, or 2 minutes pass.


Alakir - title font typo.
(heroic) lightning from phase 1 remains for a while, people should still stand in them to prevent clumping. That's pretty much the only difference.
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Re: Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby mmomeltingpot » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:26 am

Thanks very much! The guy who wrote the guides is away at the moment, but I'll take a look at the key points later today. Much appreciated.
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Re: Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby Invisusira » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:46 am

Kishandra wrote:Lava pools are irrelevant as they do no damage.

Not true; I used to think that. Then I died to one. Rest of the corrections, though, right on. Kinda basic stuff actually, like whoever wrote this guide hasn't actually done any of it?
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Re: Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby frontallobe » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:47 am

Because the quick and dirty nature you can't cover everything - and like the OP said it's the job of bigger sites like tankspot to do this. I think you've done a great job putting together the "PUG" points in a succinct way. Nice work. Cheers!
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Re: Useful; T11 and T12 "Cliff Notes"

Postby Invisusira » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:33 am

It's less a matter of "covering everything" and more a matter of "covering important basics" and "not posting false information." Sounds like the OP is happy to get the stuff fixed, though, so good on them.
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