US 4/7 HM 10M Looking for Tanks

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US 4/7 HM 10M Looking for Tanks

Postby badwolf » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:43 am

Bad Wolf of Detheroc is looking for one (non DK) tank, a hunter and a warlock for full time raid spots. We are an established 10 man guild that raids Tues-Thurs, 8pm est till 11pm est. We have a tight knit, stable core and only rarely need to recruit.

I will accept players lower in progression if they can demonstrate a working knowledge of their class, knowledge of the content and provide either a current parse. (If your current guild does not post logs, I am more than happy to run randoms with people of either faction over real id.) That being said, if you want a free ride please look elsewhere. We are just willing to give people chances if it means finding the right person.

Features that make us stand out:

* 18 + only raid team

* No DKP or Loot council, just main/offspec rolls and an officer cry of "Shenanigans!" in the rare
case of people being grabby (We haven't needed to invoke that rule once.)

* A very simple rule system that has lead to 0 drama whatsoever among the core. Trouble-
makers have been removed quickly, quietly and without sorrow. Rules include:
-Zero tolerance policy for racism, sexual harassment or gay jokes.
If it would get you fired, sued or punched irl, it has no place in our guild.
-85% or higher attendance. If you are going to miss, you must post out.
-Be prepared. Know the fights, bring food and flasks.
-Raiders are not to give negative feedback to each other. If there is a problem or
a concern with someone, come talk to an officer and let us be the jerks.

* A measly 9 hour raid schedule that still allows us to do hard mode content

* Relaxed, casual atmosphere. We ENJOY ourselves first and foremost... this is a game,
after all. When it comes time to focus, we get down to business. The rest of the time,
you can expect laughing and joking around.

* Leadership with several years of experience in other guilds and games. Most of the roster
played top US 150 level since Burning Crusade. Collectively, we grew tired of raiding
like it was a full time job and "co-workers" that were probably dropped on their heads
as children.

If you want a casual, fun guild with people who don't stand in fire and can actually hold a decent conversation, feel free to apply at
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