Holy Paladin [PvP - Battlegrounds]

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Holy Paladin [PvP - Battlegrounds]

Postby Cogglamp » Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:45 pm

So I've been tied up in my play time and can really only allow for random battle grounds. I've never been any good at ret pvp and prot pvp isn't my thing so I decided to do some holy action.

Some things I'm coming across while playing and I hope that will be helpful. If anyone has other ideas, I'd love to hear them:

- Crusader Strike is baller to generate HoPo while silenced or when a totem is in your way. I've come across far too many Hpallies that don't have this anywhere on their bars and complain about being silenced and not being able to generate HoPo. Between this and Blessed Life, a 3 HoPo WoG is usually always within reach.

- In arenas, people are talking about going straight crit but in battlegrounds, people tend to have terrible peripheral vision of the disc priest freecasting in the back so I'm going spirit due to the prolonged fights. Haste and mastery don't seem worth anything to me. Crit is nice as I like the procs but frankly, spirit is how I'm rolling including my battlemaster trinket.

- While not as great as Prot/Blood, we're decent as holding down a node until the cavalry arrives. Mobility and being able to be locked down easily seems to be a major issue for me but I don't mind it given our decent toolbox of instant casts. How I love Blessed Life.

- Even though I'm wearing plate and a shield, running into the middle of things just invites disaster. I typically save my HoJ in case I get trained by an arms warrior or DK. HoP thereafter if they trinket out of it. I'm liberal with my cooldowns especially at the first sign of stress. Many times they'll see wings/GoAK and back away due to the perception of being impervious. This won't work on many good players but it has saved my bacon a couple of times.

- Hammer of Wrath can make a difference if you need to pressure. Too many times I see a wounded enemy and a holy paladin just sits there and twiddles their thumbs. By wearing plate and having beefy heals, we can afford a GCD to add some needed pressure.

- I'm currently focusing on Int>Spirit>Resil>Crit. Haste and mastery get automatically reforged.

- seeing Light of Dawn in BGs and it makes me cry.

- I'm forsaking the Guardian's Favor talent for Pursuit of Justice for MOAR HoPo! In a BG, I'm constantly getting fear bombed, charged, stunlocked, Rooted and given that there is no cooldown on it, I'm rarely hard casting right now. Plus, all the + minor speed increase enchants are left wanting for a PvP Hpally.
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Re: Holy Paladin [PvP - Battlegrounds]

Postby Kelaan » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:11 pm

Great point about crusader strike. I loved it when I was leveling as a shockadin -- CS and HS both meant that I could almost always have lots of Word of Glory mojo while still spamming exorcism. Sadly, not so useful at higher levels, obviously.
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