[10] Alysrazor

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Re: [10] Alysrazor

Postby Zalaria » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:46 am

Here's Aly's room, marked with her flight path through it. The opening at the bottom is where you enter, and Staghelm is at the top-right before your first pull. We put a line of raid ground markers down the path so it's easy for the tanks to be on the correct side in the heat of the fight.
(btw, bossblueprint is amazing for this kind of thing)
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Re: [10] Alysrazor

Postby Flex » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:34 am

We went with a line of raid markers last night to help sort out "Which worm do I take?" issues and it worked fairly well. Now to just have people survive the tornadoes, we typically loss 2 on the first cycle =(
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Re: [10] Alysrazor

Postby Hrobertgar » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:44 am

[quote]I'm a bit confused by the geography of this fight in phase 1. I understand that there should be a group of 4 players assigned to each 'side': a tank to pick up the hatchling, two dps to interrupt and take down the initiate and a healer. However, my cotank and I seemed to have differing ideas of where each 'side' was: I thought I was taking the lava worms on the West side, while he got the ones on the East side, but he thought we were splitting North and South. Similarly, we were splitting our dps East and West: I've seen from various comments that there's a right and wrong orientation for the dps, but I'm not sure which is which. It certainly seems that for ease of healing, we should be splitting dps and tanking in the same way. There's a sketch of the layout at http://www.icy-veins.com/alysrazor-detailed-strategy, but it doesn't have an orientation marked, so I'm not sure how it fits on the ground.

Looking more carefully, it seems to me that the boss flies from NE to SW across the room. So is the right answer in fact that Icy Veins' sketch fits diagonally across the room, so one group should stay on the NW side and the other on the SE side?

Also, we're having real difficulties with the damage from Fieroblast. Partly I think this is a problem with co-ordinating interrupts, but also I think that they're dying too slowly, and so stacking too many stacks of Fire It Up! How quickly do they die for other groups? Before the fourth Fieroblast cast?/quote]

I can't see either sketch here, and I can't recall the compass orientation of the room, but if you are facing Domo, and ready to click on the feather to activate the encounter (or attack domo for 1st pull), then most people divide the room up left-right as you face Domo. If you stand in the center of the room, there is a faint red pillar marker only viewable if you are close. The two fire chickens always spawn in the same locations, one behind and to the left while standing on the marker facing Domo, and the other slightly in front and to the right. The four worms form a rectangle with the red marker as the center. Also note, that if the tanks help bring down the initial adds on their side (left/right) they will automatically be reasonably close to the eggs for a short run over as they drop.

If I am tanking on the left side, then I shouldn't have a need to cross the center to be vulnerable to Alysrazor's decent, unless the other tank doesn't want to use his second worm. When she is down low, the boss always flies the same line (either direction) which is the same basic path she flies when the fight starts, so again, just be left or right of that path, there is little need other than feathers or a third healer for anyone to ever go in that space. You can either back up and bring your worm closer to the closest worm, or stand approximately inbetween the two worms on your side, there is a narrow safe area where their range does not overlap.

Fieroblast is not a big deal, make certain you have 1 melee on each side (left/right) and they can get about half the interupts (or almost all if you have some kind of shammy). If someone does get hit, IMMEDIATELY cleanse magic to keep the damage down, although cleansing is not a substitute for effort at interupts. I believe we get those adds down sometime between the 3-4 fieroblast, but since I mostly heal or tank i'm not 100% certain. But certainly the adds normally die before the enxt group spawns, giving the dps on that side a few moments to help their tank on the fire chicken. Strong tank dps plus a little support from regular dps can kill the fire chickens like 20 secs before tornado phase.
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