[10] baleroc

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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Koatanga » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:54 pm

We were 2-tanking this with 3 healers. Managed a 1% wipe once, but it was difficult to get good attempts because someone or other would die - either one of the DPS in the 2-man rotation or one of the tanks.

So we swapped to the single-tank strat in order to have 2 groups of 3 DPS for alternate shards. However, since our OT is a feral druid, she was able to go bear for the shard and take all 25 stacks with ease, which gave our healers a huge head start and made for a very easy kill.

We had 2 priests and a shaman healing, The shaman consistently gets faster stacks than the priests. We use the shaman first up on the tank while the priests get stacks. After the bear takes all 25 stacks, the first priest swaps to tank healing and we start the rotation - 30 seconds per healer. by the end of the fight, all healers were within 15 stacks of the highest, so distribution worked out nicely.

On decimation blades, the healer who was coming off stays an extra 15 seconds.

This was by far an easier strat for my raid, and I highly recommend it. I would suggest that even a plate tank would be better as a shard-soaker than as a decimation-blade tank. He would not have the DPS of a kitty drood, but DPS is less important than getting those heal buffs up early.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Finkum » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:19 pm

It's entirely possible to both 2-tank and use a tank to soak the first 25 Torment stacks. The Decimation Blade tank starts on the boss, the MT soaks the first crystal and then taunts. Typically this means the Decimation Blade tank has 1 or 2 more stacks of Blaze of Glory than is strictly needed, but as long as the MT has enough cooldowns for early Inferno Blades this isn't a big deal.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby kovaras » Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:04 am

Sharing strats (3 to choose from), kill video, & detailed analysis for 10-man normal mode --> http://raidbriefing.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... an-nm.html
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Raive » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:09 pm

My guild always uses a 2 tank strategy (both 10 and 25)

The initial tank gets his 2 stacks to boost him around 280k hp, then on every decimation blade he runs to max taunt range (ie 30 yards, he pre positions about 3-5 seconds before blades are scheduled to go out) and taunts, when/if he spikes I taunt back (popping AD if decimation blade comes out as the first blade as I only have 1 stack at that point and cannot technically survive a decimation blade swing at that point) when/if I spike he taunts back and we taunt tag the boss until decimation blade wears off.

The rest of the group positions themselves between the two tanking points as they were (basically looks like a loose off-center stack)

This might not be the most optimal strategy but its worked for us for the past month or so, with 3 successful kills on 10 man and one on 25.
All of our early wipes were due to tanks not getting topped off between decimation strikes (even now trying without the added kiting seems to somehow provide too much of a challenge for our healers for some reason)

In 10 man for shards we've always done 2 groups of 2 dps, and in 25 we do 6 (3 melee 3 ranged) groups of 2 dps for shards, pairing people with good CD's up with people with poor CD's to make sure everyone survives.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Volitaire » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:49 am

So we are starting to work on this fight and we have a few options but I really want to be able to two tank and two heal this fight. Optimally I would love to be able to two heal and one tank for maximum dps. Our heals are a Disc Priest and a Holy Paladin. Both tanks or if we can single tank it would be a Paladin tank. Both healers are very strong but I am concerned if they could handle a single tank the entire fight and survive mana.

My thinking is two heal, one tank. With 2 DPS taking stacks per crystal. The DPS would be splitting the crystal basically 75/25. Right now I am having a Ret Paladin paired with a mage, the Ret taking 20 stacks and the mage taking the remainder. While the second set of dps is a Enhance Shaman and another mage with the Shaman taking upwards of 18-20 stacks as well. Those high pushes would only happen the first time we take stack and after that we would start to drop those down to 15-18 and then 10-12 for the mages. Will this work? Or will we need to bring in a second tank or even a third healer? Opinions?
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Arincia » Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:34 pm

For those that have 2 healed this with 1 tank (normal or heroic) how do you end up doing this? I'm asking so that the group I raid with can start practicing for when we end up 2 healing in heroic. Right now we use 3 healers (1 tank) with 1 for decimation only and the other 2 swapping every crystal with 2 dps per crystal @12/13 stacks.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Técaro » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:34 pm

You get someone to take the first crystal entirely which your healers use to get stacks. We have our pala tank pop adequate CDs to survive through this with hots/beacon. After that we use two people rotations for crystal 2 through 5. Pala healing tank, druid healing crystal 2&3, then swap for 4&5. On the 6th crystal we switch to three people rotations, both healers on the tanks with the sporadic heal on crystal people.
Things to note: a Pala tank gives you an out for 2 poorly healed decimation hits, potentially 3 if you hit AD early in the fight. Being blockcapped here is invaluable, use Holy Shield after Decimation Blade or Inferno blades that leave you low, or in a pinch if you have to. Because of the ramp up on druid healing I save a Holy Shield for when our healers swap, but other healers may not require that. It'll be brutal on healer mana, but they should manage.
^Is our heroic strat. Honestly you're more likely to run into issues with shard rotations having to be winged because of countdown, or people being incapable of not running into eachother than real healing issues. There can be a bit of RNG with the Healer buff resetting in the middle of a decimation blade, but that's what cooldowns are for.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby wawel » Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:06 am

Hi guys.

We just moved to that boss and we have some serious problem. After few hours (healers failing at heals and dps on crystal rotation) we managed to take him down to 10% hp like 5-6 times.
Then he enraged and killed us ;)

So as far as i understand we miss some dps on boss as we couldnt take him down fast enought. We did it with 2 tanks and 3 healers. Problem is that all dps got about 20k dps in overall (19.5k was lowest amount and 23k was highest).

And now i am stuck becouse i dont rly know what to do.

PS. I started to play wow again after 2years so hi again guys. I hope i will read more feedback from you and be more active on forum.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Chronos » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:57 am

You can solo tank this boss and that should fix your dps problem. Handling decimation blades can be trickier with a high HP pool tank, but if your tank has avoidance trinkets, ardent defender, lay on hands (a non healer's LOH will top them off too), or guardian spirit, could help. Be calling out special blade in 5seconds, if it's a decimation blade at least 2 healers should be on it, you could even have all three switch to the tank as they offheal the crystal torment soaker for those 15 seconds.
As I recall 10 man has 3 decimation blade strikes (parry/dodgeable but not resist/blockable) one every 5s for 15s.

Decimation blade is a lot less scary if your healers know how to maximize their vital spark stacks, or have more time to build them.
Instead of a flat healer rotation for each crystal, as the tank you could also monitor your healer's vital spark stacks and vital flame duration (I set up power aura's for this) and call out what each healer should go to next - this means you can always have the healers with the highest sparks healing the tank, and the healer with the lowest sparks catching up to the other healers. Tank doesn't have a whole lot to do besides blowing cooldowns for 15second duration of a special blade every 60s. Made the fight a joke to heal as any healer behind in vital sparks was able to catch up, and they just had to worry about healing, not a rotation. "Aura go build sparks when your Vital Flame wears off. Calderone switch to tank. Burito stay on the tank. Special blade in 10 seconds...DECIMATION BLADE big heals! Dodged the first one, ate the the second LAY ON HANDS, ate the third heal me up, special blade's over...new crystal in five... Burito go build sparks, Aura switch to tank, Calderone stay on tank."

Can also help all three healers build initial vital spark stacks by blowing heroism at the first crystal, and blowing all huge tanking cooldowns/self heals right at the pull so all three healers don't have to switch to tank healing until the first special blade rolls around. Used 1 healer on the tank (whoever had highest sparks) until about 65% then used 2 healers on the tank (2 with highest sparks) for the rest of the fight, unless there was a early decimation blade.

If you do still 2 tank it, have a plan for the enrage, spread out but you need someone near the crystals, taunt+divine shield, distracting shot+deterrance, iceblock, etc.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby wawel » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:07 am

Yep one tank may be the answer for this problem, we will try to do this. Still then i will have to tank on my DK becouse after avoidance reforge and some gemming i have almost 39% dodge/parry.

Thanks for an answer. I will post if we manage to take him down with only 1 tank :)
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Técaro » Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:24 am

Twotanking and twohealing will actually net you more DPS, and it shouldn't be any harder if you use one person to soak the first crystal, pop heroism and get good stacks on your healers wihle one tank survives through cooldowns. It'll also be more reliable for decimation blades.
Either's a doable option though, it depends on how much DPS you're missing and how much DPS an OT could do.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby Crimsonheart » Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:20 am

my team uses 1 tank 3 healers. holy priest, resto druid, pally healer. Pally healer and holy priest trade off crystal healing and tank healing (shadowpriest eats first whole crystal by himself (dispersion and hosac)to get large stacks up for holy priest), feral dps (normally other tank) eats the next crystal by himself barkskin then survival instincts. this puts our pally healer and holy priest ahead of the game. Our resto druid full heals during blades and otherwise just spam heals on all the crystal eaters since they have a harder time stacking up stacks it seems, with hot healing. Works in our favor this way as you know hes always stacking. When CDs arent up we just have the shadow/feral eat 15 stacks then have another dps eat the other 10.
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Re: [10] baleroc

Postby rodos » Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:22 pm

We do 1 tank - Paladin - 3 heals - Shaman, Priest, Paladin. I think the priest goes Disc for shields rather than Holy for Guardian Spirit. We start with me (paladin) healing the tank for one shard, then priest then shaman just rotating one shard (30s) each on the tank, two shards (60s) healing shard takers. We use two dps per shard (approx 14/11 split).

If Decimation Blade comes up, whoever's next in line can go on the tank early, and whoever is on tank can stay on a bit longer so we have 2 heals covering the decimation.

Enrage is not a problem, and our DPS is nothing special really (146k rdps on our last kill, but only 123k the week before due to some stupid shard deaths). 20k per dps is fine if you have 6 of them.
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