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Postby Lightskin » Sun Jun 17, 2007 11:36 pm

update: i just tanked him and killed him. warrior/priest/druid t4 helm dropped.
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Postby khash » Fri Jun 22, 2007 3:28 pm

my stats from my groups last prince kill:

http://static.filefront.com/images/pers ... vezwnk.jpg

/flex (other than the 2 CBs i got when running through hellfire)

addon was recap and it doesnt seem to track blocks that occur from holy shield for some reason, but the other 26% of his attacks were all blocked except for those 2 CBs

other than normal gear had grace of air totem, GOTW, kings, and used sun eater with mongoose from start of phase 2 on, this fight was made for us to tank, i can cleanse myself and the melee around me and my holy shield stays up pretty much the whole time

armory link:
http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/#char ... al&n=Khash
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Postby Semirhage » Mon Jun 25, 2007 11:45 am

Woot, killed Prince in our first KZ raid, and me tanking it on our 2nd night, 3rd attempt.

I had over 15,127 health buffed with kings, fort, motw, imp, flask of fort, and crawdads.

I dropped JotC and used SoR/JoR in the rotation of HS, Exorcism and max Consecration in phase 1.

I potted mana after unloading my initial agro; switched to JoW with SoR/Jor in phase 2.

On the 3rd attempt, I did not have anymore Mountain Kings Book as buff, and it was tough to the point of getting 5 sunders. I had a macro for Divine Shield and /cancelaura Divine Shield which stripped 5 Sunders and did not lose agro within the GCD.

I also used a Stone Shield pot after getting 2 Sunders. I used both trinket, Colosus and Adamantium.

I consumed warlock healthstone, a super heal pot, and Ogrila healthstone as well.

In phase 3, I was using Hammer of Wrath and HS, not enough mana for consecration or exorcism due to less dmg/heals coming.

The group consisted of:
Semirhage Prot Pally (me),
Johanus Arms/Fury Warrior (died early in Phase 2)
Fayyne Enchantment Shaman,
Ellymae Affliction Warlock,
Lambkin Resto Druid,
Kanati Marksman Hunter,
Decarabia 27/34/0 Warlock,
Rekles Affliction/Demonology Warlock,
Ninazu Shadow Priest, and
Texasboi Resto Shaman (leading, had raid knowledge, the rest were first time KZ raiders)

This was our first KZ raid, and I MT it. One person who knows KZ led the raid.

Gorehowl - Johanus Warrior
Druid Helm - Lambkin Druid
Cloak - Kanati Hunter
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