[25] Lord Rhyolith

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[25] Lord Rhyolith

Postby mclem » Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:13 am

I'm distressed that a 25-man Rhyolith thread hasn't already appeared, 'cause that suggests to me that people are finding it rather easier than we are!

The biggest problem I'm finding with this fight is determining just what's going wrong if we don't hit an obvious wipe state. Rhyolith may not drink and the fragments may not explode on the raid as a whole, but we'll still frequently all die during a stomp when he's somewhere below about 40% damage reduction.

My best guess, at least, is that we're not getting to the active volcanoes quick enough. How many stacks of Eruption is the point where things get dangerous? That should give us a benchmark as to whether we're being too slow, at least.

Our "steerer" is still getting rather annoyed with the boss activating volcanoes behind him - or at least, immediately to one side without enough time to turn him so he saunters past without stomping it, which pretty much commits us to a 7+ stacks for that volcano. I'm wondering if changing the timing of our initial turn might actually help that one out. At the moment we turn him hard as soon as he's, well, turnable, but perhaps leaving that a bit would be sensible (so hopefully we're turning him back towards the centre of the room just before he ignites a volcano?)

One healer is also getting a bit distressed about the Molten Armour buff Rhyolith is getting - we're stomping on a lot of dormant volcanoes in the process of getting to the active ones. Should we be attempting to avoid those? That said, whenever I've looked at the Molten Armor buff, the numbers involved *seem* relatively trivial compared to Eruption.

A final possibility is that the first phase is just going on too long; it looks like the first time we'll hit phase 2, we'll have cleared all his damage reduction long before that point, and I'm sure I saw some descriptions of the fight saying that the reduction is likely to be on 20%ish when the transition takes place. We may possibly be a bit too light on leg DPS; at the moment we're going with four DPSers per leg, although we've used 5 and 3 at various times.

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-d ... 36&e=10124 is possibly our best attempt, there's lots more logs on that day and last Thursday.
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Re: [25] Lord Rhyolith

Postby Arianne » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:43 am

If the Molten Armor buff gets too high (which depends on your raid healers and your raid's overall health but is likely around 5-6 stacks) then you need to use raid cooldowns on the stomp. He gets 2 stacks for each dormant volcano and loses one per active volcano. (I don't remember if it also has a 15s duration in normal mode.)

You want to keep Rhyo facing towards volcanos as much as possible because he always activates one in front of him preferentially. If the only one in 'front' of him is to his left then he'll activate that one. Your steerer should be able to sorta control which volcano he activates. If you have him heading towards volcanos mostly then he should activate one of the ones in front of him just before he steps on it.

Your log shows that you tend to lose your spark tank, which is a problem we've also had. It doesn't look like the spark is doing too much damage most of the time, so it's not a dps problem but probably that your healers end up not healing the spark tank during the raid damage. Your tank may want to use a CD just after the stomp to help healers catch up. The other alternative here is try to get more dps on the spark so that there's less time for the healers to have to heal it. We ended up pulling a melee onto fragment duty so we could assign another ranged to spark duty.

Other than that, you have lots of damage going out to molten flow (standing too close to craters) and several attempts show lots of volcano stacks (poor driving).

This is probably the fight of this tier I hate the most (so far) just because of what you said: it's hard to tell what's really wiping you. Sure the spark tank died, but was that because a healer died to molten flow? Your melee are doing terrible damage, but is that because the steerer didn't hit enough active volcanos? Did you time hitting an active volcano right before he was going to stomp? Did the hunters not keep the slow traps up so the liquid obsidian were merging back to him too fast? Did someone pull aggro on one of the fragments and pull it out of the AoE? Did all of the volcanos spawn right next to each other leaving interlocking craters that are hard to avoid the molten flows? Did the fragments spawn in melee and hit all of them for a lot of damage? Likewise with ranged? Did he activate a bad volcano? Did the spark spawn in a bad spot? etc...
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Re: [25] Lord Rhyolith

Postby warden » Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:18 pm

Someone posted a good bit of feedback on 25 Reg Lord Rhyolith in the 25H thread by mistake; I'll repost here for people that it might help.


Heracles wrote:I am assuming you guys are putting all dps on the legs by the sounds of it?

What you need to do is have 5 to 6 dps assigned on each leg (make sure you have 5 and 5 or 6 and 6 for good balance). We personally found 6 was right for us on our first kill but your milage may vary and we actually went down to 5 on each leg last night after the nerfs/changes to this boss.

On our first kill we even tried 7 on each to zerg the legs faster by got overrun by adds. You want preferably direct melee/damage classes on the legs as less DoTs on them the better we found, though our Hunters are used to MD duty on adds.

We usually have a couple of Warriors, a Ret Pala, dps DK, kitty Druid and then one random (often a tank or healer as offspec melee dps) as dps on the legs. We also use a Lock (goes Destro for this I believe), an Elemental Shaman and 2 Mages. One of these Magi is usually by far our best dps but he is our most vocal ranged player and one of the raid leaders so he steers the boss and make the calls.

The rest of the raid is on adds, mostly Hunters (for MDs), our other Mage, Locks, SPs (one did 28k dps on our first kill, wasn't available to raid for the second kill last night).

I've taken Fragments on both kills. We had another Prot Pala on the Sparks first kill, Feral Druid on the Sparks last night. We mark both tanks up so they are easy to see. Ranged/Healers stack on me and move with me the whole fight to make most use of healing circles and ease of picking up adds. We tend to stack in the centre of the arena and the only time we move is to avoid fire out of the active volcanoes and if one spawns near us to give us greater reaction time to avoid that fire.

The bear tanks the Sparks on the right side of the platform as you look at it from the start and makes sure the Sparks are pulled out of the raid ASAP so not to stack his AE debuff on the raid. This tank has to be aware of the raid moving out of range sometimes as our other Prot Pala had to be BRed twice on our first kill during p1 cos we had to move away from him to avoid fire.

It's REALLY important all dps assigned to adds do not touch the legs under any circumstances, this includes on the pull so they don't stack extra DoTs on the legs making it harder to turn. They told they are there to firstly nuke down the Fragments, then the Sparks after that... then stand there and simply avoid shit if nothing is up (which isn't that long tbh, especially near p2 when things start getting a bit more frantic).

After that it's just getting the two leg teams to work together. We usually have 3 melee, 2 ranged in each group. Group 2 on left leg, group 3 on right. Our Mage simply calls "Move him left/right." at which point the leg dpsers move to that leg. Or he'll simply say "Straigthen him up." in which case leg dpsers nuke the leg they were assigned at the start of the fight.

It's all down to practice and this did seem a LOT easier last night. We found about 45% on the legs was a bitch that wiped us if we didn't deal with the volcanoes correctly but he seemed to turn a lot sharper since the changes. It does help if you get a "good run" on volcanoes without having to turn him much, which again seems more likely given the changes. If he manages to drink from the lava, it's a wipe, if he gets more than 2 volcanoes active, again it's more than likely another wipe.

I am surprised you found p2 difficult we popped hero and nuked him down with ease, not even having to tank swap. It was just stack the raid on his arse, burn pop hero then raid CDs such as barrier/DG/RC/Hymn and "lol? Was that it? O.o" /collect purples. This fight really is all about p1, p2 is a joke.

Logs of both our kills if you want to have a gander:

First kill:
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/duvj ... 008&e=2350

Last night's kill:
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/30zp ... 127&e=7493

Hope it helps. :)

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