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Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby xstrykr » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:00 pm

Here is an updated glossary for 4.0. I've left a lot of stuff in, marked as deprecated, just for reference's sake. Talents that were removed however, I removed from the list. Suggestions are welcome.


939 (Abbreviation)

93939 - Maximum TPS rotation against Bosses for Prot paladins. Thread on the subject.


AD (acronym) - Ardent Defender.

Ardent Defender - Tier 7 1-point Protection Talent. Now a 3 min off-GCD active cooldown. While active, you take 20% less damage for 10 seconds, and if you take an attack that would otherwise kill you, you will be healed for 15% of your max health.

AP (acronym) - Attack Power. Removed from gear; Paladins get 2 AP per point of Strength.

ArP (acronym) - Armor Penetration. Deprecated.

AS (acronym) - Avenger's Shield.

Attack Table - The method WoW uses to determine whether an enemy creature's attack is a miss, dodge, parry, block, crit, crushing blow, or normal hit.

Avenger's Shield - Protection Specialization Talent. Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing Holy damage, silencing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Can be glyphed to reduce the targets hit to 1 but increases the damage done by 30%, or glpyhed to give the daze back.

Avoidance - Generic term for stats that give you a chance to completely nullify (avoid) an attack, ie: Miss, Dodge, Parry. Occasionally includes Block chance as well, usually when used in relation to uncrushable status (see: Uncrushable, Pure Avoidance).

AW (acronym) - Avenging Wrath (occasionally called Angel Wings).


BiS (acronym) - Best in Slot. Gear set or piece that provides optimal performance. With dps there is (almost always) only one set while with tanks and healers there tend to be varying sets based on sub roles.

Blessing of Kings - Places a Blessing on the friendly target, increasing Strength, Stamina, Intellect, and Agility by 5% and increasing all resistances by 97 (@ L85) for one hour. Provides the same effect as Mark of the Wild.

Blessing of Sanctuary - Removed as a Blessing. See Sanctuary.

Block Cap - The point where additional Block Chance is pushed off the table. A paladin reaches this point against a raid boss when their chance to be missed+dodge+parry+block an attack adds up to 102.4. Formerly uncrushable.

Block Rating - Stat. Increases your chance to block an incoming attack. No longer found on gear.

Block Value - Deprecated and changed in Cataclysm to reduce an incoming attack by 30%. Tankadins can block for an extra 10% block value with Holy Shield active, while Protection Warriors' Mastery allows them to a chance to Critical Block, which shaves off 60% of an incoming attack.

Blue Rage - Mana. More specifically when Sanctuary is used on a paladin tanking multiple mobs.

BoK (acronym) - Blessing of Kings.

BoM (acronym) - Blessing of Might. Now increases AP by 10% and mana regen by 326/5sec (@ L85)

BoP (acronym) - Old acronym for Hand of Protection still in use by many.

BoS (acronym) - Blessing of Sanctuary. Deprecated.

BoSanc (acronym) - Blessing of Sanctuary. Deprecated.

Boss - A special creature, usually in a dungeon or instance, that typically drops preset loot or is the objective of a quest. Also used in reference to boss-level ("??-level") creatures, most commonly found in raid dungeons.

BoW (acronym) - Blessing of Wisdom. Merged with Blessing of Might.

BR (acronym) - Block Rating. No longer found on gear, but can still be enchanted.

Bubble Wall - Another name for Divine Protection.

BV (acronym) - Block Value.


CB (acronym) - Crushing Blow

CBA 1. (acronym) - Crushing Blow Avoidance (miss+dodge+parry+block)
CBA 2. (acronym) - Can't be Assed[/b] - can't be bothered. "Look for the link on page 1; I cba to type it out again."

CC (acronym) - Crowd control.

CD (acronym) - Cooldown. A means of lowering risk through an ability that is short term and can not be used for some time afterwards.

Crit (abbreviation) - Critical Strike

Critical Strike - An attack that deals extra damage, 200% damage for melee attacks and some spells and 150% for most spells.

Crit Immune - See Uncrittable.

Crushing Blow - A standard white damage attack done by an enemy creature that causes 150% normal damage. Can usually only be performed by mobs 4 levels or more above you, although there are some (rare) exceptions.

Crush Immune - See Uncrushable.

CS (acronym) - Crusader Strike


Defense Rating - Stat. Increases your defense skill. Deprecated and removed from gear.

Deflection - Thought to be the ranged equivalent of a parry. This will be experienced when using HotR occasionally. It is not known yet if a deflected attack will cause a mob to experience parry haste and attack faster.

DG (acronym) - Divine Guardian. Tier 5 1-point Protection Talent. 2 minute off GCD active cooldown. Activate to reduce the damage of everyone else in the party/raid by 20%.

DI (acronym) - Divine Intervention. Often used as a verb such as "DI someone before we wipe".

Diminishing Returns - A method of preventing inflation or undervaluation on a stat or method of CC. Applies to stuns in PVP, avoidance, damage scaling on ShoR and other situations.

Divine Guardian - Tier 5 1-point Protection Talent. 2 min Active Cooldown. Activate to reduce the damage done to other party or raid members within 30yd by 20% for 6sec.

Divine Intervention - Removed from game. Sacrafices the caster to put an 3 minute immunity barrier on the target. Used as a wipe prevention tool or to prevent durability loss (caster's death is self inflicted).

Divine Protection - Reduces all damage taken by 20% for 10 seconds. No longer triggers Forbearance. Also called bubble wall. Can be glyphed to increase the magical damage reduction at the cost of physical damage reduction.

DKP (acronym) - Dragon Killing Points. A looting system that uses a point (currency) system to purchase gear.

Dodge Rating - Stat. Increases your chance to dodge.

DP (acronym) - Can stand for Divine Plea or Divine Protection.

DPS (acronym) - Damage per second. Can either mean DPS done by an individual or a character that specializes in dealing damage.

DR (acronym) - Damage Reduction. Refers to reduction in damage from Armor or talents. Can also stand for Dodge Rating or Diminishing returns on avoidance.

DS (acronym) - Can either stand for Divine Strength (deprecated) or Divine Shield. Can also stand for the Retribution talent Divine Storm.


Effective Health - The amount of raw, unmitigated damage that a creature must deal to kill you.

EH, EHP (acronym) - Effective Health.

EoG (acronym) - Essence of Gossamer



GAnK (acronym) - Guardian of Ancient Kings.

GBTL (acronym) - Guarded by the Light.

GF (acronym) - Guardian's Favor. You didn't think Tankadins had girlfriends, did you?

GoAK (acronym) - Guardian of Ancient Kings.

Grand Crusader - Tier 4 2-point Protection Talent. Gives Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous a chance to refresh the cooldown of Avenger's Shield.

Guarded by the Light - Tier 5 2-point Protection Talent. Now increases the strength of Word of Glory when used as a self-heal and Word of Glory now triggers Holy Shield. With 2 points, overhealing with WoG will trigger a shield that lasts for 6sec.

Guardian of Ancient Kings - Spell trained at level 85 that provides the paladin a different effect based on specialization. Prot: Incoming damage reduced by 50% for 12sec. Ret: 12sec of Personal + Pet DPS increase. Holy: 30 seconds of increased direct and AoE healing throughput.

Guardian's Favor - Tier 2 2-point Retribution Talent. Reduces the cooldown of your Blessing of Protection and increases the duration of your Hand of Freedom.


Hammer of Justice, Improved - Tier 2 2-point Protection Talent. Decreases the cooldown of your Hammer of Justice spell by 10 seconds per point.

Hammer of the Righteous - Tier 3 1-point Protection Talent. A melee strike that hits your target for 48% weapon damage and causes a wave of light that hits all targets within 8 yards for Holy damage. Grants a charge of Holy Power.

HoF (abbreviation) - Hand of Freedom.

HoJ (acronym) - Hammer of Justice.

HoP (abbreviation) - Hand of Protection.

HoPo (abbreviation) - Holy Power.

HoR (acronym) - Hand of Reckoning. Single target taunt.

HoSalv (abbreviation) - Hand of Salvation.

HoSac (abbreviation) - Hand of Sacrifice.

Holy Power - New resource mechanic for Paladins. Certain abilities build up Holy Power to a max of 3. Certain abilities use Holy Power to determine potency. Tankadins will focus on Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory as their Holy Power dumps.

Holy Shield - Tier 5 Protection Talent. Increases block amount by 10% (40% total) for 20 sec when you use Shield of the Righteous or Inquisition, and if talented, Word of Glory.

HotR - Hammer of the Righteous

HoW (acronym) - Hammer of Wrath

HP (acronym) - Hit Points.

HS (acronym) - Holy Shield. Occasionally used in reference to Healthstones or Holy Shock.


Imp. (abbreviation) - Improved. Usually refers to a talent.

Inquisition - Spell learned at level 81. Consumes charges of HoPo to increase our Holy damage by 4sec/charge.


JoJ (acronym) - Judgement of Justice. Removed.

JoL (acronym) - Judgement of Light. Removed.

JotB (acronym) - Judgements of the Bold. Retribution Specialization passive. Grants 25% of base mana over 10sec when Judging.

JotJ (acronym) - Judgements of the Just. Tier 2 2-point Protection Talent. Reduces the melee and ranged attack speed by 10% per point, and increases the duration of your Seal of Justice by 0.5sec per point.

JotP (acronym) - Judgements of the Pure. Tier 1 2-point Holy Talent. Increases your melee and casting haste when you Judge.

JotW (acroynm) - Judgements of the Wise. Protection Specialization passive. Grants 30% of base mana over 10sec when we Judge.

JoW (acronym) - Judgement of Wisdom. Removed.

Judgement, Improved - Tier 1 2-point Retribution Talent. Now increases the range of Judgement by 10 yards per point.



LoH (acronym) - Lay On Hands.


Main Tank - The tank assigned to tanking the boss in an encounter. Some encounters can have multiple Main Tanks. Occasionally used as a broader term to define the tank that is most commonly used in this position by a guild.

Mastery - Stat. Increases specialization-specific benefits. Protection Mastery is to increase block amount. Retribution Mastery is a free 3HoPo attack. Holy Mastery is absorb shields.

Mitigation - Generic term for stats that reduce the amount of damage taken, usually by a physical attack, but do not avoid it entirely, ie: Armor, Block Value. May include Hit Points, usually when referencing Effective Health. Also occasionally used as a blanket term that includes all stats and effects which reduce damage taken, including Mitigation and Avoidance.

MP (acronym) - Mana Points.

MT (acronym) - Main Tank.



Off Tank - A secondary tank in an encounter, usually assigned to tanking adds or building threat on the primary target.

OOM (acronym) - Out of Mana.

OT (acronym) - Off Tank.

OP (acronym) - Over Powered. Can also mean Original Post.


Parry Gib - A death or near fatal string of attacks resulting from a mob parrying an attack or attacks. The danger of this condition was exagerated especailly when reguarding Paladins. With the removal of Crushing Blows the danger from parried attacks is greatly reduced and thus parry gibbing is less likely to occur. In the past the danger was that Shield Block or Holy Shield charges would be used up by parry hasted attacks and result in a series of crushing blows. PLEASE NOTE it is not okay for melee dps to attack from the front on most bosses as it will result in less dps and increased tank damage due to the large number of parriable attacks a whole raid group has compared to a single tank.

Parry Haste - An increase in attack speed of a defender's next swing following the defender's successful parry of an attacker's attack. When a defender parries an attack, the remaining time on the defender's current swing is reduced by 40% of the defeder's weapon speed, unless this would result in a reduction to less than 20% of swing time remaining. This can occur for both players and NPCs. PLEASE NOTE that increasing your parry chance does not cause a mob to attack faster but increases the tank's attacks.

Parry Rating - Stat. Increases your chance to parry. Strength now increases Parry Rating for all classes (not just DKs.)

PoJ (acronym) - Tier 2 2-point Retribution Talent. Pursuit of Justice. Increases run speed and allows a chance to gain Holy Power when stunned, feared or immobilized.



RA - Resistance Aura. Provides 195 (@ L85) Fire, Frost and Shadow resistance.

Raid Buffed - Having all of the buffs available in the player's average raid when "ready to pull". Due to raid buff homogenization, the list of buffs needed has decreased, and will most likely include flasks/elixirs, food buffs, weapon buffs, and any available group buffs such as Auras, Totems, Shouts or Blood Pact. It does NOT include temporary "cooldown" buffs such as Nightmare Seeds, Avenging Wrath, or Stoneshield Potions.

RD - Righteous Defense. 3-target taunt.

Reckoning - Tier 4 2-point Protection Talent. Gives you a chance after blocking any damaging attack that the next 4 weapon swings within 8 sec will generate an additional attack.

RF (acronym) - Righteous Fury.

RNG (acronym) - Random Number Generator. The dice roll that the game does to determine the out come of Attacks, Loot drops, or Procs.


SA (acronym) - Spiritual Attunement. Removed, as JotW and Sanctuary provide our mana regen.

Sanctuary - Reworked in Cataclysm to be our Uncrittable passive. Also reduces damage taken by 10%. Blocking or dodging a melee attack restores 3% of max mana.

Salv (abbreviation) - Hand of Salvation.

Sacred Duty - Tier 6 2-point Protection Talent. Judgement now has a chance to make your next Shield of the Righteous within 15sec a critical strike.

SB - Shield Block. Also can refer to a warlock spell Shadow Bolt.

SD (acronym) - Spell Damage. A.K.A. Offensive Spell Power.

Seals of the Pure - Tier 1 2-point Protection Talent. Increases the damage done by SoR, SoT and SoJ by 6% per point.

Shield Block - A Warrior ability that increase chance to block and block value by 100% for 10 seconds.

Shield Slam - A Warrior ability that hits an enemy for damage. Some Protection paladins have taken to calling the paladin counter part, Shield of the Righteous, Shield Slam due to their similar nature.

Shield of the Templar - Tier 6 3-point Protection Talent. Reduces the cooldown of GoAK by 60sec and AW by 20sec and provides one charge of Holy Power when Divine Plea is used per point.

ShoR (acronym) - A commonly used acronym for Shield of Righteousness, even though the current name is Shield of the Righteous.

SoB (acronym) - Seal of Blood. Removed.

SoC (acronym) - Seal of Command. Removed. Now refers to the similarly-named Tier 4 1-point Retribution Talent Seals of Command, which adds extra damage to melee attacks when using Seal of Truth, Seal of Justice or Seal of Righteousness, and adds a cleave effect to Seal of Righteousness.

SoCorr (acronym) - Seal of Corruption (Horde version of Seal of Vengeance). Use of SoCorr is frowned upon and SoV is prefered. Renamed to Seal of Truth.

SoI (acronym) - Seal of Insight. Combined effects of SoL and SoW.

SoJ (acronym) - Seal of Justice.

SoL (acronym) - Seal of Light. Removed.

SoM/SotM (acronym) - Seal of the Martyr (Alliance version of Seal of Blood). Use of SoM/SotM is frowned upon and SoB is prefered.

SoR (acronym) - Seal of Righteousness.

SoT (acronym) - Seal of Truth. Used to be Seal of Corruption (Horde) or Vengenace (Alliance).

SotR (acronym) - Shield of the Righteous. Another commonly used but often disputed acronym for old Shield of Righteousness. Was most likely thought to stand for the once-erroneous but now current name Shield of the Righteous.

SotT (acronym) - Shield of the Templar.

SotP (acronym) - Seals of the Pure.

SoV (acronym) - Seal of Vengeance.

SoW (acronym) - Seal of Wisdom. Removed.

SP (acronym) - Spell Power.


Tank Burn Out - A condition where a tank becomes disenchanted with tanking. This can occur for various reasons including being obligated to run too many heroics, raid leading too many raids, too much time spent playing on WoW, or resentment towards party or guild mates. The term for the general condition that may or may not be tanking related is Player Burn out.

TBL/TBTL (acronym) - Touched by the Light

TC - Thunder Clap

Thunder Judge - Judgements of the Just.

TPS (acronym) - Threat per Second.

Touched by the Light - Protection Specialization passive. Increases Stamina by 15%, spell hit by 6% and spell power by 60% of Strength.

Thunder Clap - Warrior ability that slows enemy attack speed and is used as an AoE tanking tool.


Uncrittable - Not susceptible to receiving a Critical Strike from a creature. Most often refers to a raid boss. Tanks must spec into their respective crit-reduction talent in order to become Uncrittable with the loss of Defense gear.

Uncrushable - Not susceptible to receiving a Crushing Blow from a creature while Holy Shield is active. Redoubt is typically not considered when achieving Uncrushable status. No longer a valid term as raid bosses can not crush anymore. SEE Block Cap

Unhittable - SEE Block Cap


Vengeance - Protection Specialization passive. Supposed to solve threat scaling in later raid tiers. Increases AP by an amount equal to 5% of the damage taken. Max AP gain is 10% of your HP.


White Damage/White Attack - Damage dealt as the result from a player or creature's automatic weapon swing, ie: not a special attack or spell.

Wings - Avenging Wrath

Word of Glory - A mana-free heal that uses HoPo to determine healing strength.



Yellow Damage/Yellow Attack - Damage dealt as the result from a special attack or spell cast by a player or creature.

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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby xstrykr » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:12 pm

10/15/2010: Initial Revision.
01/25/2011: Updated URL to 939 information; updated numbers to L85 values; cleaned up typos and standards. Added Prot-relevant abilities (RD, RA, JotP). Noted off-GCD abilities (AD, DP). Updated Block Value, Block Rating, BoM, DG, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Guarded by the Light, Holy Shield, Mastery, SoC.
02/09/2011: Clarified Block Value and Holy Shield, added CS and GAnK.
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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby Skye1013 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:54 am

xstrykr wrote:Block Value - Deprecated and changed in Cataclysm to reduce an incoming attack by 30%. Tankadins' Mastery allows for an extra 10% block value with Holy Shield active, while Protection Warriors' Mastery allows them to a chance to Critical Block, which shaves off 60% of an incoming attack.

Unless I missed something, mastery has no effect on the increased BV from HS. Mastery just allows you to block more often (block rating), and HS gives the extra 10% damage reduction.
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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby xstrykr » Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:00 am

Skye1013 wrote:
xstrykr wrote:Block Value - Deprecated and changed in Cataclysm to reduce an incoming attack by 30%. Tankadins' Mastery allows for an extra 10% block value with Holy Shield active, while Protection Warriors' Mastery allows them to a chance to Critical Block, which shaves off 60% of an incoming attack.

Unless I missed something, mastery has no effect on the increased BV from HS. Mastery just allows you to block more often (block rating), and HS gives the extra 10% damage reduction.

Whoops! Changed... I completely missed that because all I changed was the part about Warriors' mastery.
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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby Nakama » Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:47 pm

I'd put CTC on here for Combat Table Coverage.

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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby Iminmmnni » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:48 pm

Some other common terms in paladin theorycrafting are AoE, GCD, WoG, J, Exo, Exor, Bubble, Exp, Hit, HPS, EHPS, raidwall (aka DG), soft/hard cap

Are primary stat abbreviations (sta,str,int,..) too obvious to put in a glossary?

HP can sometimes refer to holy power and not always health.
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Re: Cataclysm Tankadin Glossary

Postby econ21 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:27 am

Nakama wrote:I'd put CTC on here for Combat Table Coverage.

And MDR for melee damage reduction?
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