4.2 Valor Point pick order

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4.2 Valor Point pick order

Postby econ21 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:07 am

What order do people plan to purchase Valor Point gear with in 4.2?

As someone who does only limited normal raiding, I’m thinking of going for:

1. Ring
2. Neck
3. Wrist
4. Legs
5. Gloves
6. Chest
7. Relic

The pick order is determined by the gain in CTC per valor point over my current gear. The agility nerf has left me scratching around for a neck and ring (currently thinking of Lustrous Eye and Bile-O-Tron nut). I’m also wearing the blue Alpha Bracers.

The tier legs and gloves are very attractive, but are costly and might drop in BH (you can always hope).

The chest would be a solid upgrade, but unlike the aforementioned two tier pieces is not Best in Slot for a non-heroic raider.

The relic provides only a miniscule upgrade.

I'm not banking on getting a token for head or shoulders, hence they are excluded from the list.
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Re: 4.2 Valor Point pick order

Postby Treck » Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:27 am

Neck and Wrist were BoE on ptr, so if they still are, id suggest getting them with alts/buying them.
Tier doesnt seem very important but with the valorcap at 980 a week, its going to be slow anyway.
What to get is hard to say cuz it depends a lot on your current gear.

When youve gotten through the first 2-3 parts, its like a month into 4.2 and you will likely have better gear so your list will change.
Id say make sure what is the biggest upgrade (most likely bracers, but remember they might be BoE) and go for that, when your getting close to having enough points for the 2nd item, bother about it then to see if your gear has changed any.
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Re: 4.2 Valor Point pick order

Postby boneyjellyfish » Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:31 am

Get the ring first, then the wrists. You can get a 365 necklace very quickly from the new quests so you can delay that purchase for just a little bit.
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Re: 4.2 Valor Point pick order

Postby Digren » Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:38 am

The Stoneheart Necklace is no longer BoE on the PTR. However the Firebound Gorget is just as good or better and is BoE. I'd skip the valor item and buy that instead.

The chest, wrist, gloves, legs, ring, and relic are best in slot for non raiders, with the gloves, legs, ring, and relic best-in-slot for normal raiders as well (and the chest likely in any raider's 4-piece set).

So it just comes down to the size of each upgrade based on what you have. I'd probably go:
1. Ring
2. Legs
3. Gloves
4. Wrist
5. Relic
6. Chest

Since I can't get the four-piece without raiding I'll defer the chest as it's not that much better than T11. I'll also skip neck as discussed.
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