[10] Heroic Maloriak

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Re: [10] Heroic Maloriak

Postby Hrobertgar » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:39 pm

The add tank had both of them, and they had cast Fixate on him. Then a short time later, one turned and pawned our shadow priest. we Brez him, then the OTHER one pawns me (holy Pally) and then they both go and wreck the raid. I mean it seems like they are randomly dropping fixate/threat for anthing nearby, which sort of defeats the purpose of having fixate.

By pawning, I mean I took 1 hit for 86k dmg + whatever overkill, which was enough to finish me off given the gas cloud. The Shadow priest was also basically 1-shot. When these things come off the add tank , run up behind you while you are focusing on your rotation, its always a bcak attack and I haven't seen anyone survive a single hit. I did notice on the 27k wipe that I died when I happened to be moving near the add tank to escape blue spheres. However, for the kill we all stayed farther from the add tank and still they ran wild well after casting 'fixate' - it seems to be totally broken.

On normal mode I've only seen something like it happening just after casting fixate, if someone is close to the add tank and casting, but this was painfull on heroic, and happened much later.
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Re: [10] Heroic Maloriak

Postby fafhrd » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:52 pm

They shouldn't really lock on and kill people though even if they're fixated on a dps/healer - they don't move all that fast and don't seem to melee for fatal amounts. If they're on a DPS, he should be kiting it instead of standing there waiting for it to kill him. I don't know how you are having people survive not a single hit, I know a mage and hunter have tanked more than a few hits and been healed through it before dying. We definitely don't have a tank reliably picking all of them up.

edit: they only melee cloth for between 20k and 40k on 10 heroic - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rlcw ... hardyll%22

You guys are doing something fundamentally different if plate is getting hit for 86k plus by these things - can the boss be pushed at a time that buffs them in some way or something?

As for their changing targets, I'm not aware of their fixate being permanent. They go after one person for a while, then their Fixate debuff fades from the target and they Fixate someone else. If you get through P3 quickly enough, this doesn't have time to happen. There might be a max range on the Fixate target selection though, so if you tank them away from everyone else, they might just repeatedly fixate the same person.
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Re: [10] Heroic Maloriak

Postby Arianne » Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:36 pm

I'm pretty sure the Prime Subjects are buffed by the Aberrations if you have any up. I ended up with 3 Aberrations once plus the PS and they were hitting pretty hard. The Rend they stack can end up ticking for a lot, but that takes awhile of them hitting you. It's more likely that you got tagged by a frost orb or something in the confusion.

The way that the Fixate works is that it lasts for roughly 45s or so. Then they cast Fixate on whoever is highest on their aggro list or proximity or something else. So whenever I notice the Fixate debuff disappear I let them catch up to me and hit them for a little while while blowing CDs until they Fixate me again and resume kiting.
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