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US -Protection Pally LF Guild

Postby Faecroll » Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:22 pm


A little background on me first. I've been playing WoW since December 2004. I've been in raiding guilds since UBRS & Scholomance were end game. Through 4 toons I've seen every content Blizzard has released and been quite successful. I've always been lucky enough to have been in top guilds across 3 servers and really only play the game for end game content. I did enjoy PvP during BC when I was playing my warrior and PvP was at its best as well as the beginning of Cataclysm because well pallies were virtually unkillable- but I'm not really a PvP player.

In early February I got a great job doing tech support for a great company and this limited my playtime. My guild was a close knit group of friends and many of them in their early to mid 20's were starting graduate school and leaving the game as well. As such we have all virtually quit the game, but I do still enjoy it (to an extent) and 4.2 looks very promising.

Now to the part any guild recruitment officer wants to read, the meat & potatoes :

My availability: I'm on a rotating 90 day schedule - so I'm looking for flexibility in raiding, which these days is very hard to find. I currently work ( commute time included) from 12:30 PM - 11:30 PM US Central Daylight Time ( GMT -5). So I'm looking to raid Midnight CDT to about 3AM CDT

My Experience:

Guild- Daylight( Kargath-US)( Vanilla) : Server 3rd MC clear / Server 5th BWL clear / Server 3rd ZG clear / Server 5th in progression Anh Quiraj ( Twin Emps) / Server 5th in progression Naxxramass ( 4 horsemen )
( toons MM hunter / fire mage)

Guild-Strife (Gnomeregan-US) (TBC) : Unranked progression Karazhan clear / Unranked Gruul & Magtheredon / Server 3rd SSC
(toons fire mage / destro lock)

Guild-Ruined (Proudmoore-US) (TBC- WotLK): Unranked progression The Eye /unranked progression Hyjal / Unranked progression Black Temple/ Server 4th Sunwell Plateau ( Mu'ru pre nurf - KJ post nurf )/ Server 6th Naxxramass 2.0 / Server 1st Ulduar ( to Vezax) 14th upon Yogg kill ( was a bad time for us) / Server 3rd ToC ( normal); server 10th (Tribute to Insanity 10m) / Server 15th Bane of the Fallen King.
(toons destro/demo/affliction lock / protection paladin / combat rogue /resto shaman)

Guild - Space Monkeys (Proudmoore-US) (Cataclysm): No single digit numbers here- current progression is 5/6 BWD 1/2 T4W 3/4 BoT
(toons protection paladin/ enhancement shaman / affliction - demo lock)

Character Sheet: ... l/advanced

Progression Link: ... ce+Monkeys

If you are a progression guild thats interested in a dedicated and experienced raider who loves playing the game and loves tanking I'm your guy. As you can see above my schedule is weird so I'm looking for a guild that raids from Midnight CDT to about 3AM CDT .

I enjoy my time away from the game so I'd rather NOT raid on my days off ( Fridays & Sundays) but exceptions can be made in the case of progression on a case by case basis.

If you think I may fit into your guild please add a response to this thread - I'm currently letting my subscription end until I find somewhere that can meet my needs. I'd love to continue playing , but not at the cost of getting in the way of my real life.

Thanks for your time!

Faecroll aka Squooshy :D
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