[10] Heroic Conclave of Four Winds - Looking for help

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Re: [10] Heroic Conclave of Four Winds - Looking for help

Postby Ezelyn » Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:13 am

Done this fight with an enhancement shaman doing the shield part.
With him, we send a holyladin (me)

Your paladin should be able to heal a dps during 6-7sec on the shield. I'm self guide of light on me, using glyphed DP. So i just need to spam my output on my shaman. Our shadow priest leaves wind's plateform 5sec before shield (full refresh dots ticking during shield)
Just after the shield break we swap healers (disci <=> paladin)
The enchancement shaman stays until the shadow priest can come back before ulti.

Just before ulti, disc priest and enhancement shaman came back on frost : shadow priest stays alone for wind ulti and will be alone until the next shield. At 80, tank are swapping, and the nature's healer come on frost plateform before bridge collapse.
Like that, during ulti we are 8 on frost plateform, a tank solo with Anshal, shadow priest solo Rohash. This really help our mana bars.
At the ulti's end, our tank pop a cd and wait his healer near the bridge. The time Anshal needs to come on him, our healer is back for the burst.

15sec before shield, healadin and enhancement shaman go back on wind and the shadow priest leaves etc...

pretty sure you can do the same with a warlock, so a rogue isn't a must have, you can do it without one's (but sure its a little more difficult)
PS : as always, apologies for my so poor english :)
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