Tankadin 4p T11

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Tankadin 4p T11

Postby Nevarien » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:00 pm

Hey all,

Long time reader, first time poster.

Been reading a few posts around here as well as on WoW forums. Just wanted to get peoples opinions on running 4 piece T11. Guild is currently at 6/13 HM a have been running with 4p for the last couple weeks. But after reading some posts, most recommend that higher CTC from offset pieces can be the way to go rather than 4p. I currently have the norm Gravitational Pull gloves as well as Heaving Shoulderplates which both offer higher mastery than the teir peices I currently have equipped. There is obviously fights where 4p is gold, (H) Magmaw, (H) Chim etc but is the general consensus that higher CTC is the way to most of the time.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Re: Tankadin 4p T11

Postby Treck » Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:19 am

Most people run with 4set t11, makes an allready strong CD even stronger, or atleast lasting longer.
Theres quite some fights where its very usefull, you mentioned Magmaw and chimaeron, i wouldnt say it would make much differance on magmaw, but if you use it in the last phase, it increases the time before healers have to start focusing on you again and can focus on the raid for even longer.
Chimaeron is interesting, it depends a lot on when you use it, personally i use it early during feud, cuz i rather have the first few hits with a strong CD, then the duration is long enough to take the double attack aswell, but it wont be up during the last few hits of the feud phase, but then healers should have everyone high. If you use it just for the doubleattack, 4set is pretty much wasted, it could be usefull in the last phase with 4 more seconds.
Id say its usefull for a few more fights, like nefarian, halfus, valiona, chogall, sinestra and alakir.
A lot of times its nice to have those few extra sec cuz the fight require a lot of raidhealing, and like on the magmaw example, if the healers dont have to focus as hard on you, they can focus on the raid.
Use it right, and you will never even go close to low (instead of using it once you go low to avoid a death).

The tradeoff between using 4set and not, is very small.
Gloves/chest is pretty much BiS anyway, and theres not really any "good" shoulders anyway (i guess nefarian shoulders or halfus dps shoulders would be slightly "better")
So its pretty much only the legs that makes the differance.
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