Heroic Magmaw (25)

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Heroic Magmaw (25)

Postby Sharkattack056 » Thu May 26, 2011 11:20 am

This strategy is for the 25 man Heroic Magmaw encounter. More specifically, this is my own guild's personal strategy. There are other versions of this encounter, however this is just our take on it.

Main Differences

- Nefarion will be shooting meteors at players periodically. The targeted spot on the ground will be visible, and when the meteor hits, it will spawn a Blazing Bone Construct, and cause fire to spawn, and move around the room for a short period of time.

- Blazing Bone Constructs will begin casting a fire AoE called Armagedon at 20% health. They must die before this cast ends, or your raid will wipe.

- At 30%, Nefarion will start to shoot a shadow spell at players, dealing damage to them and players around them. Blazing Bone Constructs will no longer spawn during this time.

Our Composition

Tanks: 2
Healers: 7
DPS: 16

Phase 1

We assigned one tank to tanking Magmaw, and eating the Mangle, while the other tank would only tank the Blazing Bone Constructs. We had our DK DPS go frost to kite the parasites, and had our group 3 and all hunters stand out of melee range, so that meteors would not hit the melee. Facing Magmaw, the Magmaw tank stands on the left side, and tanks Magmaw, while the rest of the raid, and the other tank stands in melee range on the right.

When a meteor hits, the add tank must either taunt from melee range, or have a hunter MD to them. It is important for no one to leave melee range, unless absolutely nessecary, to avoid meteors hitting near or in melee. The tank will keep the construct in melee range, near the mid-right of Magmaw, to allow splash damage to hit Magmaw. The DPS focus on the add, and burn it down quickly, using splash-type damage attacks as well (i.e Cleave). Nearing the Mangle, about 5 seconds before, the Magmaw tank should pop a cooldown to help live through the initial Mangle hit. When the tank goes up for Mangle, the healers should be able to heal through the Mangle, so that the Tank can save cooldowns for the Mangle hits. However, spare cooldowns won't hurt.

When Magmaw's head goes down, all DPS must stop on the Bone Constructs, or quickly burn down a Construct if it is low on health. After the players bring down Magmaw's head with the chains, all DPS should focus on Magmaw's head only. After Magmaw gets back up, the Magmaw tank will re-taunt, and this process will repeat.

Around 35-32%, DPS should stop all splash damage, and DoTs on Magmaw, and focus only on the Constructs. The raid must wait until a head phase to push Magmaw into Phase 2.

Phase 2

When Magmaw enters his head phase, pop Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp, along with all your cooldowns, and push Magmaw. Try to achieve as much DPS as possible during the head phase, to shorten the actual burn aspect of Phase 2. When Magmaw's head comes back up after the push, Phase 2 begins. The raid should spread out, however, around 3 seconds before the head goes up, as staying stacked with multiple people will cause deaths quickly. Our guild can push Magmaw to about 10% when his head comes back up. At this point, as long as your raid can survive long enough, it is a simple burn before you die.

Good luck on your attempts!
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Re: Heroic Magmaw (25)

Postby fuzzygeek » Thu May 26, 2011 12:09 pm

A couple notes:

In phase 2 Nef will stop summoning constructs, but will cast shadowbolts at random targets that do significant splash damage (hence the need to spread out). Note that Magmaw will continue to mangle the tanks on his usual timer, and you can get a head phase in P2.

We also use a two tank+kiter strat, but we have the bear OT taunt before mangle so he spends the fight being a furry hors d'œuvre; I'll tank both Magmaw and any random constructs that are up during Mangle. I used to tank everything but started having threat issues as DPS got increasingly geared out, so we put the OT on adds so focused targets could have some focused threat gen. Also target swapping in that fight is sufficiently frustrating that this is just easier and lets me be lazy.

While it's certainly safer to stop dps at 33% or so and wait for another head phase, if you're lazy and/or impatient and don't want to wait a full cycle, you can push Magmaw whenever and just kill him the second mangle phase -- if we're in the mid 30s going into a head phase we'll just push it then.
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Re: Heroic Magmaw (25)

Postby Sharkattack056 » Fri May 27, 2011 10:01 am

Updated the point about Phase 2 constructs not spawning, thanks for the reminder.
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Re: Heroic Magmaw (25)

Postby ashnod » Sun May 29, 2011 10:33 am

Does the Construct tank need to worry about Pillar at all? Doesn't the Construct tank stay in melee range and taunt any Constructs that spawn at range into melee range?

the add tank must either taunt from melee range, or have a hunter MD to them

Is that emphasizing that the Construct tank should not leave melee range, even to pick up a Construct spawning in ranged? My raid lead explained that I need to be careful of getting melee hit by something.
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Re: Heroic Magmaw (25)

Postby Brutalus » Sun May 29, 2011 12:31 pm

If you leave the melee you can get the pillar on you, even if you're not going very far. I try to avoid leaving melee when picking them up unless absolutely necessary.
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