[10H] Nefarian

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[10H] Nefarian

Postby Fetzie » Thu May 26, 2011 3:43 pm

We'll be starting this guy soon, and I thought I'd bounce some ideas off you guys :)

Our group make-up is

Prot pala
Prot warrior

UH deathknight
feral druid (cat)
retri pala
fire mage
shadow priest

holy paladin
holy priest
resto shaman

Basic tactic is hopefully similar to non-heroic:

nuke onyxia low, and have 2 electrocutes in P1. Skeletons are off-tanked by our feral druid on the edge of the room.

No electrocutes in P2, just jump off and back on the platforms when you get cinders. We have 5 melee interrupts and a mage, so we should have no problems if all three melee dps need to jump off their platforms.

P3 tank nef in the middle and kite the skeletons around the edge of the room, handle MCs like in P1.

Now my questions:

On normal our feral druid offtanks the skeletons in P1, do they do a lot more damage on heroic?
How much more damage does electrocute do on ten man? Do we need a raid CD each and every time?
How should we handle Mind Controls? I have seen groups use frost traps to slow their movement, but we don't have a hunter. How many people get mind controlled on ten man? Can our Deathknight use chains of ice to slow them down?
Can you bubble off cinders?
How many people get cinders each time?
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Re: [10H] Nefarian

Postby warden » Thu May 26, 2011 4:20 pm

Yes, you can bubble cinders. Chains would probably work, but you have earthbind as well. We use this a lot. Yes, you can use chains I believe (we've used frost shock successfully before, so I believe targeted slows work fine).

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Re: [10H] Nefarian

Postby RedAces » Fri May 27, 2011 12:05 am


please read the other Threads on 10H Nef, there are plenty :P

Cinders: Bubble, cloak, ... everythings works and you'll ony get one cinders at a time.
Mind Control: You need some kind of slow (frost trap is optimal), yes you can use chains but this ability has a CD or not ? You'll get 2 MCs at a time at a very fast pace... maybe the shaman totem would do the job.
Electrocute: You don't need a raid cooldown for it, but the tanks should have a DR-CD for every electrocute (alternate Mirror of Broken Images and glyphed DP). It deals 130k damage.

Skeletons do massive amounts of damage on ten man.

Bye, RedAces.
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