Stereotypes of Gamers

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Re: Stereotypes of Gamers

Postby Crimsonheart » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:59 pm

good ol everquest, I loved that game! nothing like minding your own business farming up tradeskill supplies and boom pked (player killed), i played on Vallon Zek, pvp server which merged to Zek later. Those were the good ol days! you never knew a challenge there till you leveled all your tradeskills to max! haha, I played a Dark Elf cleric, Isule Crimsonheart, and a ogre warrior, Smuf Litlefoot.
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Re: Stereotypes of Gamers

Postby Vrimmel » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:44 pm

I laughed at the "more than 7 hours a week" option. That's like a nice day's play :P
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Re: Stereotypes of Gamers

Postby bldavis » Mon May 02, 2011 10:43 am

mavfin wrote:
Brute wrote:
bldavis wrote:dwarf women....the real reason dwarf men have brewfest

wait, because it makes them easy or because they have to drink them pretty to continue the dwarf race?

That said, I'd hit Fanny.

Well, as a 41-year-old guy with a wife who's had four kids and still likes to do the things that got her pregnant four times, the dwarf girls are just a little extra-cushioned, and don't strike me as the type to be timid in bed, so you shouldn't judge them by the cover only. :D

Besides, it's a real turn-off if you're snuggled up next to a girl, and her hipbones are poking you, and it hurts! Not that I want floppily-fat girls, but, there is such a thing as *too* skinny, too. :D

im in this camp as well
i dated a few "twigs" in HS and everytime i went to hug them i was afraid i would snap bones...
(i am 6' and 265lbs even back in HS...and i was a landscaper every summer so i wasnt fat like i am now, it was mostly muscle)

my fiance isnt fat, but shes not scrawny to the point of bones sticking out and being able to be seen through clothes.
me likes curves....which is prob why i play all female dranei anymore....
CBH FTW!!!! :twisted:

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Amirya:Why yes, your penis is longer than his because you hit 30k dps in the first 10 seconds. But guess what? That raid boss has a dick bigger than your ego.
Flex:I don't make mistakes. I execute carefully planned strategic group wipes.
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Levie:Drunk Lev goes and does what he pleases just to annoy sober Lev.
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