4.1's tough talent choices

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Re: 4.1's tough talent choices

Postby PsiVen » Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:34 pm

theckhd wrote:Except that, even if you're being generous, that 1 point is at most worth about 200 DPS against single targets. That's still behind Reckoning, WotL, and Sacred Duty (assuming you're not wogging). It's ahead of SotP and Grand Crusader, but you're probably not specced SotP anyhow and Grand Crusader has similar utility value. So there are already better DPS options in the prot tree, and unless you give up survivability talents you don't have enough leftover to pick up HG.

It's also ahead of Crusade and Rule of Law, though if you consider PoJ mandatory then Crusade isn't optional. You could drop RoL and go more than 31 points in prot, I suppose, though the healing bonus to RoL is worth something. And each point of RoL is 170 DPS, so the gain would be pretty small since 200 is likely an over-estimate for HG.

Yes, I take 1/3 RoL with 1/2 HG. I have often wondered if the extra WoG crit was something valuable I was missing, but I don't typically rely on WoG for throughput so it's mostly a hedge on lucky crits.

Naturally if you only consider single targets, HG will be undervalued. But given the nature of add threat, AoE TPS is generally a much more important consideration: for example, at the beginning of Maloriak's Dark Magic phase I will Inq -> AW+HotR -> Consecration -> HotR -> HW -> HotR for maximum burst threat on the adds, while 0/2 HG would force one of those GCDs to be a Judgement instead. For situations like these, I consider 1/2 HG to practically function as 1/1 Consecration.
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Re: 4.1's tough talent choices

Postby Awyndel » Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:21 am

Make a maloriak spec/glyphs if you don't need to go ret. SD would be a thing to drop.

I'm not really having problems using SoT and casting consecration often in 25 man hc raiding. Those times you don't have mana you can cast hw, dp, or skip the gcd.

But back on topic, in 4.1 I will prolly stick with 2/2 grcr. It's just too versatile a talent, specially with the new changes.

Sotp will prolly be better then EG, specially if you dont WoG on the cd, but save it. Saving it seems hard tough, considering we need some hp, or cast dp. It makes no sense to me blizzard would still tie it with hp if it's on a cd. Coz hp was the cd. But that's another discussion.

I am one of those ppl that thinks tank dps matters. Since we don't have many threat problems, I do make choices between survivability and dps. But it's all about oppertunity cost. I don't run around with a lot of hit/exp either, coz that would indirectly cost me health in my case. But proper speccing/glyphing/rotation will serve most of your threat/dps needs.
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